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Splits59 Capris and Tops | Available at Spa Anjali | GLOW Summer 2016
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When you’re looking good, you’re feeling good; when you’re feeling good, you’re ready to move. Gone are the days of baggy cotton t-shirts and saggy shorts (thank goodness!) for workout wear. Here are a few ideas to help you look as good as you feel when you’re getting your sweat on.

Splits59 capris and tops

Available at Spa Anjali

Splits59 was founded by an Ironman triathlete, Jonathan Schwartz, and Keith Peterson, a former fashion exec. The line is designed for setting a PR (personal record), getting into downward dog or looking good grabbing a latte. Quick-drying fabric, flat seams, fluff threads and plush elastics guarantee a comfortable workout. The fun geometric patterns and bold colors are just for style.

Lole skort and cardigan, Arc’teryx hoodie

Available at Ptarmigan Sports

Saucy and performance-oriented, the Lole Justine skort will keep you going on long runs — and looking pretty cute afterwards when paired with Lole’s Essential Cardigan. With Colorado’s ever-changing weather, a jacket is a must. Check out the Arc’teryx Atom SL hoodie that’s lightly insulated for chilly early-morning runs but breathable for afternoon heat.

ON Cloud shoes and Swiftwick compression socks

Available at Peak Performance

Swiss precision plus running technology equals the ON Cloud Flyer running shoe, which provides a strong foundation and barefoot feeling. For an added burst of color and energizing steps, pair with SwiftWick compression socks, made of Nobel Prize-winning (seriously) Olefin and nylon. Available in a variety of festive colors and lengths from knee to ankle.

FunkyYoga Warrior Girl hoodie, OneLeaf skirt, Liquido leggings

Available through Shannon Patterson at

Who knows yoga-wear better than a yoga teacher? Shannon “Yoga” Patterson loves Liquido yoga pants — buttery soft, cut right to stay put and cool for hot temps. Some days a little derriere coverage is welcome: The OneLeaf Reversible Mini Skirt does just that. Patterned on one side and solid on the other so it works with crazy prints or plain black. Pop on the Warrior Girl Burn-Out hoodie after a sweaty class. Note the “om” ponytail: Eastern culture says don’t wear black over your heart because it doesn’t let your inner light shine out. This shirt let’s you shine bright.

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