World-class World Cup |

World-class World Cup

Don Rogers

This year’s World Cup races at Beaver Creek were spectacular. Great results, especially if you are a fan of Bode Miller and Daron Rahlves. Awesome snow, too, for all the world to see (and us to ski). Timing is everything.The event organization was topnotch, Olympic quality, considering many of these folks have done the same for the Winter Games four years ago in Utah.The Vail Valley Foundation is particularly skilled at this, which should have netted that bushel of world championship contests for alpine, freestyle AND snowboarding here in 2009. Of course, we might be just a little biased.In any case, congratulations to the American skiiers who did so well on a home course. And kudos to the organizers and especially to all the people who worked so hard and well to make the event such a success.The only errant part of the whole thing was an Air Force Academy falcon that no doubt got carried away by the splendor and never flew back to its keepers.Less than noble We hope the rumor-mongering around Vail of late comes to a swift end. A small core of folks who oppose plans to rebuild Crossroads have made all too much of the owner-developer Peter Knobel’s very tenuous connection to an alleged scam by a company that used one of his company’s phone lines back in the mid-’90s – without his knowledge. The whispering is despicable, and pathetic. Fight fair. Grow up. Vail, Colorado

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