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Worried about growth in Vail

Otto Wiest
Vail, CO, Colorado

The world talks about real estate bubbles and money problems, but Happy Valley is back in business as usual as our town planners just approved another project to improve Vail in the usual manner.

I talk about the transportation center and the possibility to eliminate some green spots there, which seem to disturb the urbanization. Another building is on its way.

As a result, the town got 90 letters from people who don’t like that. In fact ,there might be much more around, but they didn’t like to write letters to the town. And a big part of the 3,000 Vail inhabitants simply don’t care anymore, as many of them have the impression that the town does what it wants to do anyway. Besides, there are also many more people in Vail, but their opinion is also not so important because they can’t vote.

So the new dawn of Vail keeps moving forward. Lucky enough, we have a Town Council with some responsible people who stopped it for short time. The idea that money is not so easy to get any longer also might have been a reason to stop it.

So will the silly plan to add some more empty stores and some more condos to the Vail real estate market be over? The next meeting is scheduled to be in April while a lot of people are out of town.

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I wonder how much endurance our town planners and the developer will have to get their business done. As long as there is some green space in Vail, there always will be people around who will try to squeeze money out of it.

Let’s not forget that all business in Vail depends very much on the way Vail is presented to the visitors. The taste and ideas of those who hope to make fast money in Vail are quite often questionable, and I personally have the impression that the silent majority of our town has a quite different vision of how Vail should be developed and look in future.

Otto Wiest


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