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Worst of motives for recall bid

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

A recall attempt on Eagle County Commissioner Arn Menconi will say more about the people running the effort than the local politician approaching his last year in office.

The increasingly isolated Republican hard-cores will find a rather stunning lack of support for their bid. Assuming they are honest with their stated grievances against Menconi. And that’s no given.

So far, the case against the commissioner is that he ” gasp ” voted for an additional $800,000 in child-care funding over the millions that the county commissioners already have routinely allocated for such programs. Their own party’s office-holders have approved such support for children in the past.

They obviously have confused voters’ rejection last fall of a ballot measure for a dedicated child-development tax for the notion that residents do not support any funding for kids. Many of the tax opponents argued that a tax was unnecessary when surely the county already had the funds to do this with its fat $100 million budget.

The recall organizers also express anger at voting a second (and last) time on a home-rule charter. The only problem for them is that Menconi was the lone commissioner who shared their opposition to home rule.

Which brings us to a third point: Menconi has one vote out of three commissioners. The other two commissioners supported home rule, and the other two voted for the child-care funding. Better recall them, too, while you are at it.

In short, this recall effort has no rational legs. Besides, a recall is an extreme measure for when a politician has committed real malfeasance in office. It’s not really suitable for voting the “wrong” way.

The recall reasoning is flawed. The organizers will only embarrass themselves, which will provide a poetic justice of its own. They’ll go after Menconi with the worst of motives ” they just don’t like him ” and wind up hanging themselves. Bring it on.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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