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Would you like my wallet with that?

Tamara Miller

City Market’s slogan, “Our People Make the Difference,” may have a whole new meaning for one pharmacy customer.

While handing a customer a prescription order, a Vail City Market pharmacist apparently threw in a surprise – her own wallet.

At least that’s what the pharmacist thinks she did, according a Vail Police report filed Monday. The wallet, which contained credit cards and a small amount of cash, has yet to be recovered.

Late night sightseeing tour leads to arrest

A Minnesota tourist got the ultimate souvenir on April 6 while taking an early morning tour of the Avon roundabouts.

The 27-year-old man allegedly was posing for pictures in a Avon roundabout while his companion, a 26-year-old Minnesota woman, shot the photograph from a car stopped in the middle of the intersection.

An Avon Police officer escorted the duo out of the roundabout and to a nearby road. After running their driver’s licenses through a background check, they discovered the woman had a suspended license and the man had a nationwide extradition warrant out of his home state for an alleged weapons violation. The police officer called additional officers, one with a Taser gun, for back-up protection.

The man was arrested without problems. He was taken to the Eagle County Jail to await extradition to Minnesota.

Visiting student reports attempted kidnapping

A Texas teenager claims someone tried to kidnap her on April 4 while she was in town for a school-sponsored trip.

The teenager was walking from her hotel to an Avon restaurant in Chapel Square when a dark blue sedan began following her. While in the parking lot near Office Depot, a man allegedly pulled up close to her and tried to grab her. She told police she hit the man with her purse and ran off. She told the trip chaperones what happened and they called police.

She told police that the man had dark skin, but didn’t remember anything else about him.

Police are no longer investigating the case because of lack of information.

Hope that couch is comfy

Husbands, beware: You might want to get home on time tonight.

When one Eagle woman’s husband failed to return home in a timely fashion after work Sunday night, she called Vail Police to report him missing. Vail Police searched for him near the restaurant where he worked. They located his car at 2:30 a.m. but saw no signs of him.

When checking through the parking area again at 4:30 a.m., police allegedly found the man drunk and attempting to start his car. He was not arrested after he promised to sleep the alcohol off in a local hotel office.

Sheriff’s deputies place teen in protective custody

A local teen was placed in protective custody Tuesday for threatening to take his own life.

The 15-year-old boy allegedly was causing problems with others at the Gypsum Skate Park. When Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies spoke to him, he told them he was upset over the recent suicide of a friend.

Deputies called the teen’s mother to pick him up. However, he was allegedly drunk and began threatening to kill himself. He was arrested and placed in protective custody for a few hours and then released to his parents.

Colorado West Mental Health and the Eagle County School District officials were contacted about the incident.

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