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Wrapped up in Emmylou

Wren Wertin

You readers are slacking on submitting entries to “And it was good,” so I’m subjecting you to my own observations once again.

I was running late, so naturally I stopped to peruse the selection at Eagle Valley Music – they have more music per square inch than anybody. It’s deliciously overwhelming sometimes, with the piles of discs upon more piles of discs. But don’t hesitate to ask Jeannie Robbins where anything is, because she knows immediately. She was so excited I was buying Emmylou Harris’ “Pieces of the Sky” (it’s just been released on CD for the first time, with some extra treats) she slit the plastic on it, so I didn’t have to pick at the nearly invisible plastic seam while cruising out of the parking lot. I was glad she saved me the extra minutes because I was listening to the first track, “Bluebird Wine,” and it was good.

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