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Writing toward Author’s Tea

Cindy Ramunno
Brush Creek third-grader Olivia Boomhower holds the story she wrote about her Teacher Mrs. Johnson for authors tea.

The latest in a string of ceremonies honoring writing, students at the school got the opportunity to participate in an Author’s Tea.

Parents and teachers are invited to the Tea, during which they are served cookies and punch while listening to various authors recite their work. “Every student will be invited at some time during the school year,” says Principal Chris Mayhew.

During a recent administrative team meeting, Mayhew says, director of curriculum and staff instruction asked principals to promote writing by honoring young authors in various ways.

At BCES, kids are randomly chosen by teachers, and once they’re picked, students in grades two through five need to provide an error-free document. The students – with the help of their teachers – go through the entire writing process, ending up with a final draft.

Kindergartners and first-graders will begin in January.

“This enhances our literacy curriculum and helps kids in the area of public speaking,” Mayhew says.

Having the opportunity to present the work in front of parents and teachers during a special ceremony enforces the importance of writing, she says.

And it works. Kids are feeling more confident in writing, speaking and presenting.

Third-grade author Olivia Boomhower presented the following:

“Once upon a time there was a royal queen named Mrs. Johnson and her servants Logan K and Olivia Rose. The Queen always asked for a Diet Dr. Pepper or chocolate ice cream. One day Mrs. Johnson got sick. So now she started asking for aspirin all the time. Her servants would only give her one at a time. She asked for more and more but the servants said, “NO!’ Only one at a time!’ “OK,’ she said. “I promise to take one at a time.’ Her servants accidentally left the aspirin on the side table next to the Queen. So after they left the Queen took 20 aspirin and she got so sick she threw a big fit. She got so mad at herself she said, “I can’t believe I did that!’ Then she said, “I will never do that again!'”

Ms. Brandy Johnson – Boomhower’s teacher – says she loved it.

“It cracked me up. The thing I love about the Author’s Tea is that it promotes creative writing.”

For more information or others at Brush Creek Elementary School, call 328-8930.

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