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Wrong war

David Le Vine

Dear Tipsline caller, I’m sorry that I can’t address you by name. However, I would like to respond to several suggestions and issues that you included in your call.

First of all, I don’t wish to make my home in Spain. I’m as loyal an American as you are, and I would choose to live no where else but here. …

Secondly, I do not believe it’s “cut and run” to apologize and withdraw from a war that we should not have started.

Please remember that we invaded Iraq, bombed their cities and killed thousands of innocent citizens based on the premises that they had weapons of mass destruction and were a threat to our country. Please remember, also, that none of that was true. Our president took us into a war without any honest justification, and into a war that had nothing to do with the gross terrorism that was evidenced by the attack on 9-11.

Our servicemen are being injured and killed, innocent Iraqis are being injured and killed, and I really do not understand what is likely to be achieved. I further believe that you and many others are simplistically interested in “winning,” but it is a war that we caused and is far removed from the war that we should be fighting.

We should be applying all of our resources to the global fight against terrorism. Ridding the world of the horrors of Al Qaeda is a necessary, although unpleasant, requirement. …

Although we gave them another “cause” and another battleground, they are most certainly not the biggest problem there. That status is reserved for the misguided Iraqi citizens who are indiscriminately killing both the people who are trying to help and their own countrymen as well. Although they’re frustrated by our invasion of their country, the deaths and destruction that we caused, and now by our occupation, we can all agree that their retaliation is both evil and senseless.

But unfortunately, they will continue their mayhem until we are gone. Sure, we can stay and fight in Iraq, but at what cost to our valiant servicemen and at what cost to innocent Iraqis?

And I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that a victory in Iraq will have any significant effect on the defeat of worldwide terrorism. Furthermore, I am certain that should be our goal and that we should be rallying worldwide support toward that effort.

David Le Vine

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