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Wrong way to board?

Cameron Ross
Breckenridge, CO, Colorado

I refer to the article “Avon snowboarding instructor discusses book.” (Jan. 6) and in particular the comments made by Danny Martin in response to the question “What is the biggest mistake you see snowboarders make on Vail and Beaver Creek mountains?”

Martin contends that “the biggest mistake anybody makes is steering their snowboard from their lower body.”

I assert that the comments made are incorrect, as the steering movements of a snowboard are produced by the lower body through flexion and extension of the ankle, knee, hip joint and rotation of the femur from the hip rather than, by movements of the upper body.

I further assert that using upper-body movements to steer the snowboard will result in a lack of pressure control and diminished steering capability by a snowboarder.

The teaching of the method espoused by Danny Martin should be seriously questioned as this will potentially increase the risk of accidents on the crowed snowfields of Colorado.

Cameron Ross

Bachelor of Human Movement, Cert III AASI, snowboard instructor Breckenridge

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