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wwwhat’s going on

Staff Reports

1. lif-link.com This site sells shorter, lighter ski poles for women which double as avalanche probes that can extend 74 in. if needed.2. creditcardgoodies.com Need help picking a good credit card? We do. If you pick the right card, it can mean hundreds of dollars back from your credit card issuer each year. Check out one of the discussion forums for friendly advice.3. beer.com Make the virtual bartender make you a cocktail. Say, “Gimme a beer,” and magic, they go behind the bar and serve it up.4. ourayicefestival.com The Ouray Ice Festival will celebrate it’s 10th anniversary this year. The annual event is a favorite gathering of top competitors, climbing and local companies, spectators and good times. This years event is scheduled to begin on Jan. 13.5. knowledgehound.com This site is for the avid do-it-yourselfer, or for someone that has the sudden urge to make dinner rather than pick-up take-out. The site claims to be the world’s largest directory of how-to links.

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