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Wyoming man busted for ski pass fraud goes after witness

Robert Allen
Summit Daily News

SUMMIT COUNTY – A man in his late 20s was busted for ski pass fraud and later tried to stomp the Keystone Resort employee serving as a witness, according to a report from Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

The man caught using someone else’s pass in the lift line told a deputy it was cheaper “to have a pass loaded” onto his friend’s pass than to buy a one-day pass. He said he would pay “something” for a pass, but “not one hundred dollars,” according to the SCSO report.

He became aggressive toward the witness, and the deputy told the man he would be arrested if he continued to act that way.

Five minutes after the man was released, a “frantic call” came over the Keystone employee radio for the deputy to respond to a fight in progress.

The man was found yelling at several Keystone employees. The deputy called to the man a couple times before the man approached and explained how angry he was that he was now going to have to pay a “ridiculous” amount of money to ski the last few hours of the day, according to the report.

The deputy “felt (the man’s) behavior escalating and he was beginning to cause a disturbance” so he told him to leave immediately.

That night, the witness with Keystone Resort went to buy a soda at a convenience store when the suspect approached and said, “(You’re) not at work anymore, I am going to whip your ass,” according to the report.

The store employees told both men to leave, and the suspect followed the witness and continued to “taunt and threaten” him.

The witness was concerned for his safety and called his brother to come help. His brother asked the man to leave and the man responded: “I will f*** both of you up,” according to the report.

The brother told the suspect that if he insisted on becoming physical, he was ready to fight. But the suspect appeared reluctant to come to blows.

The brother reported the dispute via 911. When deputies arrived, the witness appeared “visibly shaken” and said he wanted to press charges.

Deputies had trouble locating the suspect, and it was discovered that the number he gave when he was issued the ski pass fraud summons was incorrect. The man’s address was in Wyoming, and the deputies searched the Keystone area for vehicles with Wyoming plates.

They phoned reservations companies and walked through the resort searching for the man. The vehicle was ultimately located with the help of an electronic law- enforcement database.

In the man’s vehicle were papers showing a reservation in a local condominium complex. Deputies knocked on the room’s door and the man’s mother answered. She refused to let them in and barely opened the door to talk.

“I saw many signs displayed by (the mother) during the contact that I know from my experience and training to be indicative of deception,” according to the deputy in the report.

Deputies told the woman that harboring a suspect in a crime and hindering the investigation violated Colorado law.

The mother told deputies she would call them when the man returned to the room. Meanwhile one of the deputies waited outside the door.

About 45 minutes later the mother called and said her son was back in the unit, but the deputy on surveillance reported that “no one had come or gone from the unit…” according to the report.

The mother was issued a summons for hindering an active investigation, and the man was arrested and charged with retaliation on a witness – a third-degree felony.

Immediately after taken into custody, the man spontaneously uttered: “If I would have known I was getting arrested anyway, I would have just kicked his ass!” according to the report.

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