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Wyrick for Senate: No Foolin’

Randy Wyrick and his April Fools Fellows
Special to the DailyDave, Cory and Robert keept things humming along in this year's WECMRD basketball league.

Howdy and welcome to Town Talk, the column that proves there is foolishness in Vail on days besides April Fools Day.

The Town Talk Titan’s Senate campaign is sitting anxiously by the phone like a fat boy on prom night, waiting for official word from Colorado’s Republican Party.

The Titans, who secret identity as Randy Wyrick isn’t a secret as well kept as it was just moments ago, are technically a Republican ” even if the Titans love labor unions, and not just the kind between him and his Reason for Living.

A dandy young man named Wayne with the Secretary of State’s Office, tells us that our first order of bidness is to prevail upon the GOP Powers That Be to put the Titans on the ballot, opposite Bob Schaffer/Shaefer/Shaepher/Shaypher ” mostly because Wyrick is easier to spell.

And so here it is, our request to Colorado GOP Boss of All Bosses, Ted Halaby.

Dear Ted,

Please include Randy Wyrick’s name on the list of GOP-ers who really, Really, REALLY want to be a United States Senator. Randy would be great at it. He has some dandy looking suits, and it would get him off the Kobe Bryant beat for a while ” although the trial date probably won’t come up until well after his first term is up.

Thank you, and we’ll anxiously await your affirmative response in the extremely near future.

Sincerely, Randy “The Titans of Town Talk” Wyrick

Movin’ right along.

The 11th annual Snowshoe Shuffle in Vail starts at 11 a.m. Saturday atop Vail Mountain. It’s the largest snowshoe event in North America, and there are a bunch races to choose from. Proceeds go toward cancer prevention, education and early detection in the Vail Valley and surrounding regions.

Call (970) 569-7484 or visit http://www.vvmc.com.

If you’re an Eagle County kid in 3rd through 12th grades, you want to play lacrosse. It’s sort of a cross between hockey and soccer on too much caffeine. You will play with kids your age and have games with teams from other areas. For more information, call Ron at Eagle County Club Lacrosse – 390-9784.

St. Clare of Assisi middle school students are presenting a depiction of Christ’s journey to the cross, using music, narration and theater. It’s 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Beaver Creek Chapel, and it’s worth your time.

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