Years Around the Sun plays the Vail Ale House Saturday

Caramie Schnell
Ronnie Dudek of Years Around the Sun stops in at the Vail Ale House tonight for a show. The Gromit opens.

San Diego’s Years Around the Sun is the musical project of Ronnie Dudek and Dylan Raasch. This evening Dudek stops in at the Vail Ale House for a solo show where he plans to play acoustic versions of songs from the duo’s four albums.

Expect lush-sounding synthesizers, layered with vocal melodies. It’s his first time performing in Vail and Dudek said he’s “eager to make some memories” here.

Vail Daily: I love the band name. How did you come up with it?

Ronnie Dudek: The name was a play on words. I had just reached the one year anniversary mark with my girlfriend and congratulated her on our first year around the sun together. After I said it, I knew it was instantly going to be used for a band name, I just needed a band.

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VD: How long is the current tour you’re on?

RD: This is the kickoff of our summer schedule. We will be touring on and off for the next three months.

VD: Tell me about your album “Incarnation.”

RD: “Incarnation” was released in 2012. It was our fourth release and second full length album. We spent over a year writing and recording the album, doing much of the production ourselves. We relied heavily on lush, organic synthesizers, alongside strong vocal melodies to create the sound for “Incarnation.” It is upbeat, but still retains the emotional sentiment we are known for.

VD: How do you describe your sound?

RD: Easy listening for difficult listeners.

VD: :What can people expect from your show in Vail?

RD: I will be performing the songs as a solo act on Saturday. We are currently working on a new album that will feature previously released songs in an acoustic format, so this will be the first opportunity to play some of these new renditions in a live setting. There will also be several new, unreleased songs performed, and of course, a few surprises thrown in.

VD: What am I not asking that I should know about?

RD: Along with the upcoming release of the YATS acoustic album, I will be releasing an EP this summer with a new, as of yet unnamed duo project I have been working on for the last year.

VD: Tell us about the opening band, The Gromit?

RD: Yes, great music, it reminds me of early Wilco and Whiskeytown. Can’t wait to see them live.

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