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Pamela is back from celebrating her birthday (yesterday). To many more healthy ones, my dear, sweet sister. Love, Andi.

Those of us who have lived in Happy Valley for a while can be pretty casual about the high price of life in the High Country.

Another zillion-dollar project in Vail or Bachelor Gulch? Yawn. Enough change from a $10 for a tip after getting two beers? Just another day in paradise. And, like most Americans, we grit our teeth and just fork over the card when gassing up the Tahoe.But once in a while the price of some things will whack us like a mackerel across the chops.

For iinstance, a Titan took his family out to the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater earlier this week for the “Annie Jr.” performance (which was delightful, by the way). Mrs. Titan and the Littlest Titan went to the concession stand for a snack and came back with a Twix bar and a bottle of water for (gulp!) $4.50Yikes! That’s roughly double the price even at the most conscience-free convenience store.

The other moment came in Eagle-Vail, where the developers of those new townhomes along Highway 6 just east of the Post Boulevard roundabout have finally posted the big for sale sign, which says, in part, “Starting under $900,000.”

Now, this isn’t a knock on the folks building the townhomes. They’re selling the homes for what they think people will pay for ’em. Nothing wrong with that.But $900,000 for a townhome hard against Highway 6 in Eagle-Vail? Man, that’s a whole new definition of “location, location, location.”

All you can say is: Yikes!

Vail, Colorado

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