Yoga retreat to provide ‘peak experience’ |

Yoga retreat to provide ‘peak experience’

Sarah Mausolf
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Daily

EAGLE COUNTY ” Deepening one’s sense of meaning in life can be as simple as tasting chocolate or sipping wine.

That’s yoga teacher David Romanelli’s philosophy.

“You don’t have to strap on a loincloth and pray, fast and quit everything in your life to get to that place,” the California-based yogi said. “You can do it through the things that you love most.”

Romanelli will visit the valley this week to introduce “Cooking with Yoga + Snow,” a four-day retreat advertisements dubbed “the ultimate threesome.”

Participants will take yoga classes with themes like deep stretch, indulge in cooking classes like on-mountain grilling and scale Beaver Creek Mountain for skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing.

Romanelli has teamed up with Eat!Drink! in Edwards to provide what he describes as an escape from the frenzy of modern life.

“The idea is to teach people how to be more appreciative of a beautiful moment, how to bring that into their life every day,” he said. “I always say to people: If you can have one beautiful moment, one delicious moment and one funny moment in your day, that’s a good day.”

‘Beautiful moments’

Romanelli has a theory about yoga: Engage the senses and it becomes a lot more accessible to the public.

The soundtracks behind his yoga classes borrow from several genres, and incorporate everything from the Grateful Dead to Erykah Badu and the Allman Brothers.

“Sometimes it’s a lot to ask of somebody to come and do yoga and spend 90 minutes on a 3-by-6 foot spot in silence, facing themselves with no stimulation,” Romanelli said. “I think it’s a lot to ask, so when you can bring normal, everyday sensibilities into it, it makes it so much more accessible.”

‘Delicious moments’

Food will play a major role in the retreat. Pollyanna Forster, owner of Eat!Drink! and Dish Restaurant in Edwards, said cooking classes will focus on “beautiful, organic, fresh ingredients that are in season.”

Participants will head to Red Tail Camp on Beaver Creek Mountain to practice on-mountain grilling. High above the valley, they’ll sample marinated king salmon on wood planks, heirloom purple potatoes, chicory salad and hearty miso and seaweed soup.

Foodies also will try locally-brewed beers during a tasting at the Inn at Beaver Creek, indulge in a six-course wine dinner at Dish and dine at Trapper’s Cabin on Beaver Creek for a healthy lunch.

“It’s about creating that present moment and being up on top of Beaver Creek Mountain in this beautiful grove of trees in this private cabin and really just getting to experience that,” Forster said.

Yoga plus

Romanelli is the creator of yoga + chocolate ” a workshop that uses Vosges chocolate truffles as a prop to teach students about the seven chakras. He soon followed up with Yoga + Wine and he is in the process of developing Yoga + Country, a blend of yoga and country music.

His upcoming book “Livin’ the Moment,” explores “the irreverent path to enlightenment.” New York-based Broadway Books plans to publish the self-help tome in spring 2009.

“It’s a self-help book that has stories a little bit more on the racier, edgier side of life, like for instance what it was like going to a Grateful Dead concert back in the day and how to replicate that experience now for peak sensory moments,” Romanelli said.


If you go . . .

What: “Cooking with Yoga + Snow”

When: Thursday, Jan. 10 through Sunday, Jan. 13

Where: Accommodations for visitors at the Inn at Beaver Creek, yoga classes at Dogma Athletica in Edwards, meals and cooking classes at restaurants in Edwards and on Beaver Creek.

Cost: $1,695 with hotel accommodations; $1,095 without.

Registration availability: About five spots remained open as of Monday. A maximum of 20 people can attend.

To register: Locals call Eat!Drink! at 926-1393 and out-of-towners call 877-926-7669.


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