Yoga Studio – Best of Vail Valley 2020 |

Yoga Studio – Best of Vail Valley 2020

Best Yoga Studio

1. Yoga Off Broadway

2. Revolution Power Yoga

3. Mountain Soul Yoga

Yoga Off Broadway in Eagle aims to be an inclusive yoga community for everybody and, truly, every body. The studio proudly offers classes taught by a variety of instructors to provide students with an option that best fits their bodies, goals and overall needs.

The studio also welcomes people of all ages, ranging from 1 to 87 years old. Yoga Off Broadway also works to engage the community through other events such as Yoga in the Park and classes like Yoga + Beats, along with its new on-demand online service, Stay@OM Yoga.

The overall goal for Yoga Off Broadway teachers is to help cultivate a more conscious, fit and healthy lifestyle through yoga within the community.

-Kim Fuller

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