YogaSoup column: Eagle County, do you have a yoga mat? |

YogaSoup column: Eagle County, do you have a yoga mat?

Kelly Marshall
Eagle County CO, Colorado


“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” “Deepak Chopra

Here we are in the second month of a new year, with a new president and a new hope for the future in this fast paced, chaotic world of ours. So in the midst of all the movement and chaos of life, you may be finding yourself looking for a little stillness and perhaps even new meaning to your life.

As a yoga teacher, I’ve seen more and more people seeking something more authentic out of life lately, more than just money and the latest fad, more than a new outfit or the latest electronic gadget. People are looking for the spiritual “more.” With the uncertainty in the world around us ” the weak economy, the declining housing market, job insecurity and other unknowns ” we may find ourselves asking: What is real about life? Where can I find true happiness and peace? In the past, we may have sought out happiness in material “things” we could buy, or in entertaining our minds with all the external stimuli available via the internet (i.e. Facebook) or television. Yet we know these “things” are only a temporary distraction. What we really need to find is a sanctuary, a quiet and restorative place to go when our lives get our of control, when the chaos seems to take over.

To my yoga students, their yoga mat is the tool they reach for to bring them back to the stillness inside. It is a place for them to go to reconnect with the inner quiet, the love and the happiness that is inside each one of us if we turn off the television and start to look for and listen to the peace inside ourselves.

A simple mat made of rubber, the yogi’s mat becomes like a best friend. It is there for you when you need it. It sees you on your worst day and your best day. It sees you when you are weak and tired and struggling through your yoga class. It sees you when you are strong and confident, and it accepts you as you are every time. You can fight with it and it never complains, you can sweat on it and throw it in your car. You can forget about it and forget about yoga altogether, and every time you want to come back, it is waiting for you.

Sound pretty good? You, too, could have a yoga mat (they sell them at Target). They come in all colors and you can even get a thick one for extra comfort. But this is not an advertisement for yoga mats, it is a reminder to get back to what is most important in life, being healthy and happy inside. Doing what you love, being around people who make you happy, and really living life to the fullest.

You may be working extra hours at work, or struggling with the responsibilities and chaos of life. And the exhaustion of the day may be screaming for you to sit in front of the television or shut yourself off from those around you. But what you really need is to find your yoga mat, whether it is a real yoga mat, or something else that will help you get back to what is real. Something that will help you focus on the inside, slow yourself down, return to your breath and the gift of life that rides in on every inhale. I wish you peace and happiness on your new journey to fight the chaos and to find the stillness inside you.

Kelly Marshall is owner and lead yoga instructor at Yoga Off Broadway on Third Street in Eagle. The studio offeres classes for all ages and abilites. For more information, visit or call 970-328-YOGA.

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