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You bit

Buff Arnold

The $1.4 billion in the proposed budget for next year referenced by the president in his state of the union address is for research into all forms of alternative energy sources including solar and wind power, as well as fuel cells. The fuel cell research is requested at less than a quarter of a billion for next year, and $1.2 billion over the next five years.

The last budget submitted by Clinton requested almost $6 billion for research into alternative energy sources, or about four times the amounts requested by Bush, who has, in fact, eviscerated most funding for alternative energy sources.

The fuel cell research was initiated years ago during the Clinton administration, and is one of the few areas of research into alternative sources to receive gradually increasing funding under President Bush. For Bush to pretend that this is his new baby is disingenuous.

To say that “Billy Bub never put such initiatives on the table” is simply wrong. It was Dubya’s clever rhetoric which got you and many others to bite on the “nearly $2 billion” hook like a 5 pound trout on a marshmallow.

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