You can’t see idea for new Eagle County logo yet |

You can’t see idea for new Eagle County logo yet

Chris Outcalt
Eagle County, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY , Colorado ” The county wants to make the new logo it’s considering public before deciding whether to use it.

Officials have kept the graphic secret since a Texas-based design company presented the county options for a new logo and slogan three weeks ago.

“I’m not going to vote for changing this without it being out and getting feedback on it,” said Commissioner Jon Stavney. “It needs to see the light of day.”

The county paid GOGO Creative $36,500 in 2007 to research and propose possible “brands” for the county, including icons, taglines and a strategy to use them. The commissioners reviewed the proposed slogans and logos behind closed doors in an executive session at the beginning of the month.

The board can legally discuss certain topics ” such as personnel and legal matters ” privately.

Officials narrowed down the ideas to one they like, but said Tuesday they want to get more opinions on it before deciding to whether to make the change.

“This is going to be the people’s logo, they should decide,” said Commissioner Peter Runyon.

When the logo will be made public is still unclear. The county wants to trademark the graphic before unveiling it because GOGO founder Lisa Mac is concerned that if it’s made public it can be used by anyone else. But that process could take up to six months, said Communications Director Kris Friel.

“We’re not trying to take it away from her, Ideally we’d just use it or not use it,” Friel said.

The county is also considering hosting the graphic on the GOGO Creative Web site instead of trademarking it.

Some county employees have seen the logo and about 80 percent said they liked the design, Friel said.

“That was kind of surprising,” she said. “I thought most telling was that ECO and the airport liked this. We have a smattering of different logos, it would be nice for everyone to use the same mark.”

The commissioners reviewed estimates of what it would cost to change the logo and are optimistic they could eventually save money by switching it because the new graphic is cheaper to reproduce.

“That money was spent ” that horse has left the barn,” Runyon said. “The changing over in fact is going to save us money. In a purely economic sense it makes sense to go forward since we already invested all of this.”

The new logo only has two colors in it and would make things like printing business cards, letterheads and putting the graphic on county vehicles cheaper, officials said.

“Most of the feedback I’ve gotten has dealt with this not being a good time to spend money,” Stavney said. “That train has left the station, but I don’t want to unveil something that doesn’t have a lot of support.”

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