You keep me going, Vail medical community |

You keep me going, Vail medical community

Dick Polster
Vail, CO, Colorado

Dear all of you precious caregivers: How do you do it?

How do you jump on a truck and come to save me at 1 in the morning? Or you, emergency-room staff? There you are, having seen me for the umpteenth time in two years, always concerned, always caring.

There is the brigade keeping the hospital spotless, always humble and with a smile. All of you cooks who try so hard to appeal to my palate.

Thank you. I know it’s good.

All of you pharmacists and medication dispensers keeping track of all of the medicines and interactions and refills and insurance plans. You are always friendly yet never make mistakes. What focus!

And then, nurses up and down the Vail Valley, I love you. You do some of the dirtiest jobs yet smile, joke, inquire and care. Whenever you stick me, it’s painless. Your compassion, experience and expertise are unparalleled.

Finally, to the docs and para-docs: You have kept me alive over and over. How do I thank you? Does knowing that you’ve given me another day with my child do it?

Would that I had one more to name after you: Cathy Jamie Alec Barry Jason James Alexander Polster.

Barring that, I can only publicly express my gratitude and love to each one of you who have touched my life so profoundly.

May you only know good health. And if, God forbid, you don’t, may you be treated as well as I. With love and gratitude.

Dick Polster


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