Young Dubs rule Vail |

Young Dubs rule Vail

The Young Dubliners are a big hit in Vail every time they come play. Tuesday night was no exception at the Ford Amphitheater. The crowd filled out up the hill in the grass, and you couldn’t hardly move through the aisle just above the seats.

The music was great as always, of course. And you could have any beer you wanted, so long as it was Bud. Budeweiser is the big sponsor for this series of free concerts.

We went because our kids are huge Celtic-rock fans. My 14-year-old daughter is the biggest fan in the family of the Young Dubliners. She’s even a member of their street team ” earning a big hug from lead singer Keith Roberts and a warm thank you for bringing all those fans to the concert. Kid was speechless with a huge smile and very pink cheeks over Roberts’ enthusiasm after the show. She’ll remember it forever.

We last saw them three years ago at a Celtic-rock festival at the Ford Amphitheater that was a bit of a bust until the Young Dubliners came on that evening. That concert began to a smattering too early in the afternoon of a Sunday back then with Great Big Sea, who won us over as big fans from that day. Seven Nations followed, playing to a little more and a little more. But no one knew those groups.

The Young Dubs, now that was a different story. They had built a following over the years playing at 8150. That night ” as with Tuesday ” they had the whole crowd pogo jumping, basically. Don’t let anyone tell you different ” the Irish and Scots basically don’t dance. Oh, some step lively to jigs and such. But most of us have to settle for jumping up and down, arms at our sides. Just the way it is, like British food.

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But the music stirs. There’s definitely something about the Celt music that plays best at rock ‘n’ roll pace. Speed the old stuff up and it sounds great. It’s make you jump, no question, especially when the devil gets in the fiddle players, like the Young Dubs’ Chas Waltz. Just wicked good stuff.

But anyway, Patrick Murphy of Gaelic Storm told our son a few weeks ago at the Colorado Irish Festival that they might play next year in Vail. I figured he was probably just being nice to the long-haired kid chatting him up. But Roberts said the same thing last night after telling us that he and Murphy are great friends and were just hanging out the other night. It’s a small world in the Celtic circle, I imagine.

But cool. We’ve been telling another group that nudges at Celtic a little, Carbon Leaf, that they’ve got to play in Vail. Maybe they’ll come too.

They and Great Big Sea and Seven Nations all put on high-energy shows, with fabulous musicianship. Yes, the bagpipes, whistle, fiddle and even the lowly accordion really do make for great rock instruments in these folks’ capable hands.

Anyway, the kids have something to look forward to.

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