Young rock stars get rowdy |

Young rock stars get rowdy

Andrew Harley
Special to the DailyDeclaration, a true garage band, rocks Eagle County on Tuesday with Volition, Pound Foolish, Tenth Flavor and Back Door Brawlers at 4:20 p.m. at the Eagle Exhibition Hall at the Eagle County Fairgrounds. Declaration is, from left to right, Dan Sample, Jesse O'Brien, Rex Roberts and Robert Brgoch.

I write a song because I want to. I think the moment you start writing it to make money, you’re starting to kill yourself artistically.- Pete SeegerThe five bands playing at the Eagle Exhibition Hall at the Eagle County Fairgrounds on Tuesday will be charging $3 at the door, but the young maestros won’t be making any profit from the all ages show.Declaration, Volition, Pound Foolish, Back Door Brawlers and Tenth Flavor have put their music together as a gift, which they call “Suck My Rock,” to the under-aged and the poor, and anyone else among the general public that wishes to attend.

“The event is called ‘Suck My Rock.’ We’re seniors and we’ve all grown up together in the Vail Valley. It’s kind of a humorous way to bring out our punk personalities and our youth through telling all of Eagle and the youth, ‘Hey. This is a concert and we’re putting it on. It’s gonna be sweet.’ We’re gonna have a bunch of young kids, older kids, girls, boys, people who love rock, punk and music,” said Robert Brgoch. “It’s pretty much to say, ‘Suck our rock. You’re coming to see us, and you’re gonna hear us rock.'”It’s as if it came directly from the mouth of Jack Black – “School of Rock.” The show starts at 4:20 p.m. in the big, old metal hall at the fairgrounds in Eagle.”This is 100 percent not for profit. We did this – my band – last year, and we just had so much fun doing it. And the kids had fun,” said Brgoch.There will be CDs available, T-shirts and five live rock bands. The event provides a nice opportunity for local teenagers that don’t have access (i.e. fake IDs) to get in to many of the concerts that come through the valley.

“We don’t really see any big shows come through here. And if they do come through here, they’re at 8150 and you have to sneak up to the window and take a peak,” said Brgoch.Brgoch’s band Declaration, which plays punk-lite music, is slated to headline the free event.”The diversity, as far as music, will pretty much be modern rock and punk,” said Brgoch.Declaration includes Brgoch on vocals, Dan Sample on guitar, Jesse O’Brien on drums and Rex Roberts on bass.Sample is a 19-year-old Eagle Valley High School graduate, who typically provides the riffs that start the songwriting process for Declaration.

“He plays very aggressively. He is our backbone with the riffs. A lot of times, when people write songs, they write a poem and go off a melody,” said Brgoch. “Dan actually comes up with a guitar riff, and we jam with it for a little while, and then I try and structure a different melody in with the words.”Brgoch, a Vail Christian graduate, used to be the drummer when the band was called Animosity – before the band picked up O’Brien, who is an Eagle Valley graduate.”Jesse not only can play the drums, but Jesse is what I would like to call the musician because he can play the saxophone – tenor and alto – he can play the piano, he can play the guitar, he can play the drums and he can sing very well,” said Brgoch. “Jesse started playing the saxophone first, and in middle school band, he was in the woodwinds and such, while I was in the back on percussion. Over time, through his musical progression – everyone knows how talented Jesse is – he perfected his playing.”Roberts also graduated from Vail Christian, and has prior experience playing rhythm guitar aside Sample’s lead in Animosity.

“Rex and I changed instruments. Jesse stepped onto the drums. We decided to leave it as every instrument for themselves,” said Brgoch. “Rex is incredible just like all the guys that are behind me when I’m singing. When we learn a song, Jess and Dan work a lot together to piece it together. You never really hear Rex asking questions or anything because he just watches and listens. And, on originals, he makes his own bass part, and it sounds plush and beautiful always. And, when we’re doing covers, he comes right in aside with Dan perfectly. He can just walk next to him.”Rex is the brain behind Declaration. We practice at his house. Rex and Dan and Jess really work wonders with the equipment.”Volition is a metal band consisting of Sammy Barr, Zac Henry and Parker Ray.The Back Door Brawlers are Mike Rose, Jaren French, Adam Wsabe, Colden King and Luke Dillon, and they play predominantly grunge and punk music.

Pound Foolish is a new three-piece band – Jason Fackler, Andy Friestad and Brett Carrieri – that plays originals similar to Declaration.Tenth Flavor is a Blink 182 cover band that features the stylings of John Armstead, Blake Gruber and Nate Hanan.”If parents are concerned about profanity, I would suggest not to go to the show because we won’t be censoring the music at all. But, it’s not anything that you need to be worried about because it’s not vulgar to the point that you need to plug your ears,” said Brgoch. “A lot of it is going to be in one ear and out the other because I don’t like that kind of stuff anyway – unnecessary vulgarity. It’s just going to be a good time.”Andrew Harley can be reached at (970) 949-0555, ext. 610, or at colorado

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