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Your body, mind and spirit

Catherine Zeeb, PhD
Vail, CO, Colorado
Columnist Cathy Zeeb

As a Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics, Ordained Minister, teacher, therapist, workshop facilitator, mother, sister, daughter and friend, I will be writing this column bimonthly to provide a new perspective on life and to, maybe, answer some questions about life. My hope is that this column will reach those who have not had a chance to attend one of my classes or workshops at CMC or at my office; my hope is also that the ideas discussed here will help you make decisions about issues in life that you may have been questioning.

I would like to introduce myself and then explain what metaphysics is. I started this column by stating some of the titles I hold. The most important titles for me are mother, sister, daughter and friend. All of the PhD’s, master’s degrees and certification programs may provide information that can be used to counsel people, but the human experience and personal healing count beyond words. When I decided to go back to school for a master’s degree, then continued on for my PhD, my personal healing was so profound, the only option that worked for me was to work with other people, to write my books and to teach.

The personal transformation that I experienced throughout my time in school and the spiritual teacher I studied with have changed the way I live my life, the way I look at life and the way I work with clients. I gained a new perspective on life, seeing life a new way; letting go of the old way of living/thinking/reacting.

Metaphysics is truly the connection of the power of the knowledge of our bodies, the understanding of the workings of the mind and the connection to a higher power, whatever that is for you. It is not a whoo-whoo study of mystical powers of the world and universe. It can be, but so can any other study of philosophy depending on who is interpreting its content.

Metaphysics is a name; a name given to a study of philosophy. It is the study of how our bodies are constantly giving us answers to life’s questions, to learn to pay attention to the energy within our bodies and to learn to listen to those energies and messages. It is the study of how our minds get wrapped around our truths, the truths that are as individual as we are. And, it is our personal connection to whatever we consider to be a power bigger than us, whether that is God, Allah, the Universe, Mother Earth, Buddha, etc.

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Metaphysics is not a religion, nor does Metaphysics claim to have the answers. It is truly learning a new perception in life. It is a way of living, not just learning. A good teacher is one who lives/demonstrates what they teach, teaching what they know to be true for them. Reading a good book, then trying to teach ‘the way’ of the book but not living ‘the way’ in your own life should not be acceptable, not from yourself or from any teacher.

This column will not tear down religion, but it may spark some controversy especially involving terminology. Metaphysics does not care what you believe in; just believe in something ” something bigger than you. If what you are doing in your life now is not working for you, learn to let it go and trust a power much bigger than you. That is the basis of Metaphysics. Metaphysics works with, examines and trusts that we are all energy, that everything is energy and if that is true, how one energy affects another and another, and so on. By believing that everything is energy, we can learn to shift the negative in our lives by shifting the energy surrounding what we are thinking. As this column progresses, I will try to make more sense of all of this.

The words “Body, Mind, Spirit” are thrown around and used very lightly these days. What do the phrase truly mean? If we are all energy, then the body, mind, spirit is energy. We are not our bodies, we are not our thoughts and we are not without Spirit. If all is energy, then our body is on loan, our thoughts are created by our personality and it is from our connection to Spirit that our truth and intellect lies.

Future columns will include discussions on truth, intention, the ego, spiritual relationships, spiritual breakups, power of the body, power of the mind, connection to spirit, what is hell and what is heaven and so much more.

As this column is published, I hope to answer questions from readers. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or comments at

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