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Thank you for your hogwash in your article “Reading too much into my column” about hogwash.

An example of your hogwash is your outdated dictionary claim that marriage excludes same-sex couples. You ought to buy a new dictionary.

Another is that same-sex couples having children will cause problems for the children. Like what? Study after study shows that such children grow up just like any other children. The only trouble they might encounter is that caused by Christians moved to express their hate against gay people.

And the hogwash about same-sex couples having the ability to make legal and life choices. Can you tell me how same-sex couples can make decisions about hospital visitations in states where that is not allowed? Can you tell me how same-sex couples who cannot afford thousands of dollars in legal aid can ensure that their property will not be stolen by relatives after death? Can you tell me how same-sex couples can ensure their home will stay without being taxed by the federal government when one of them dies? How same-sex couples can gain access to the more than 1000 federal rights a marriage certificate provides?

There’s a good reason you’re being pegged as a bigot: That’s exactly how it comes off.

Benjamin Barrett


Mr. Hannon, I lived at Gilgo and was one of the pesty kids that hung around the shop. Paul Cowan managed it and the cast of characters were a mile long. I still surf all over LI and travel to spots around the world too. It was a magical couple of years in the late ’60s and I was glad to be a small part of it. Best, Jamie

James F. Van de Walle

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(Refer to “Homosexuality and other aberrations” in the Nov. 30 – Dec. 6 edition of The Vail Trail.)

Thank you for running both John Hannon and Tamara Miller on the same page with their columns on homosexuality. Tamara’s article was an outstanding rebuttal to John’s ramblings. Her points showed just how ridiculous John’s thinking is.

The only point that was missed was the worry about homosexual relationships being a threat to “the sanctity of marriage.” How sacred is marriage when HALF of them end in divorce. Many of the “gay” couples that I know personally have been together 20 and even 35 years, how many “straight” couples can say that ???

Keep up the good work, Tamara.

Thank you,

Barbara Baruth

We failed to include the location of the new Eagle Gallery in our story “Art Melds” in the Dec. 14 – 20 edition of The Vail Trail. The gallery is located at 725 Chambers Ave. in Eagle. For more information call (970) 328-7216.

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