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Your turn

It seems that I can never read this local paper without seeing an article or reading a letter on illegal immigration. Like it was some monumental problem requiring immediate action or the whole country was going to die.

The last time I opened my eyes, which was this morning, I noticed that our great country was facing several problems. Let me list some of them: Health care, affordable housing, people losing their homes in foreclosure, lost jobs overseas, stagflation, a falling dollar, higher oil prices, unemployment, climate change, people getting hit by other skiers and snowboarders, too much traffic on the highway, no cure for cancer or AIDS, a lack of funding for stem cell research, people still homeless from Hurricane Katrina, war in Iraq and Afghanistan, overcrowding in prisons, kids shooting other kids in school, too much violence on TV, too much salt in our diets, drunk driving, a terrorist waiting to get me when I walk out of my front door and, of course, illegal immigration.

My point is that we have a lot of problems, but if illegal immigrants are your biggest concern, then do something about it. After dining out, go in the back and wash your own dish. Before you leave your hotel room, make your own bed and then clean the room. Pick your own oranges and avocados and while you’re out there, please box up a few extras and ship them to the rest of us. On a big powder day, show up for work to mix some concrete. I realize that these mundane chores may be a little overwhelming to most of the chronic immigration complainers, so try this: See if you can drive the speed limit in a residential area, keep your dog on a leash and pick up the poop, and don’t litter. Those things are illegal, too.

Jon Silver


I see that the county commissioners are asking the county school board to get into the affordable housing business. This taxing us taxpayers to give to other people is a violation of the 13th Amendment of what used to be our Constitution! Also, I saw a report that under TABOR taxing districts could only de-Bruce for four years and then would have to have another election.

Of course according to the report this has not been done or upheld. It appears to me that when it comes to decisions regarding the taxpayers and the Screw the Taxpayers Crowd, the Screw us Taxpayers people almost always win! Just why should taxpayers be forced to pay taxes for other peoples’ homes? Some people could be taxed out of their homes so others can have a home.

Of course, under Bush, the Constitution has become a thing in history just like the dinosaurs. Bush, in my opinion and belief, is by far the worst president in history.

Bill Kiker

Beaver Creek

After attending the “wounded warrior’s” dinner last night, I woke up this morning wanting to express my feelings knowing that I was changed forever. But how do I put tears and gratitude into words after such an experience?

I have supported the “war” from the beginning, but until now, I have witnessed this war only through the media, far removed from the tragedy of losing a family member or having one injured. But after last night’s dinner, I have had a change of heart and mind. Not so much for or against the war, but in support of these heroes who have given so much. Everyday men and women such as these are trying to protect the freedom of a people who don’t really know what freedom is for, how they can use it to live and, short of their own lives; they have paid a dear price.

I had my eyes opened very wide this last Saturday night when the Vail Fire Department held its annual dinner for these heroes. These soldiers and their families were among the most uplifting group of people I have ever had the privilege to meet. With the adversity that they have had to go through, I seriously wonder if I could do it. The positive attitude these men and women of combat projected changed my way of thinking on my life and life in general.

I am a firefighter for the Town of Vail and the president of Local 4138 and I have been involved with the “Wounded Warrior Project” for the last five years. This project helps injured soldiers, men and women wounded in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, come to Vail with their families to enjoy our great valley and celebrate their lives. And frankly, we are privileged to be a part of it. These soldiers come straight from Walter Reed Medical Center having lost an arm or leg just four weeks ago. What were you doing just four weeks ago? It is to their credit that they have made the physical adjustment and the positive spiritual commitment to a better life. I am honored to be a small part of such an uplifting and obviously life-changing experience.

I wish to personally thank Bill and Cheryl Jensen as well as everyone directly or indirectly involved for their unwavering support of such a project.

Mark Mobley, Vail

President Local 4138 IAFF

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