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I will vote YES for Referendum 1A, the child care initiative.

Friends of mine moved to Oregon last spring. They had recently been married and had bought a townhouse in Edwards. They wanted to make the Vail Valley their home. When she got pregnant, they both realized how much they would struggle in order to raise a family here. Vail’s beautiful, they thought, but why not move somewhere else where they would get paid more, could afford a bigger house, have available child care spots, and have an all-around lower cost of living?

Now that my wife and I have reached the end of our 20s, many more of our friends are asking themselves that same question.

This trend is not unique to our friends. Thirty- to 40 year-olds are the only age group growing smaller in Eagle County’s booming population, according to a study by Northwest Colorado Council of Governments. People reaching this life stage realize that their cramped apartments that suited them fine as twentysomething bachelors aren’t good enough to raise a family. They move away.

A balanced community is a healthy community. Young families have the deck stacked against them in Eagle County, and this trend is only getting worse. Anything we can do to give young families a fair shake will make our area a better place to live. A comprehensive childcare plan – the best in the state – won’t solve all the struggles young families face here, but it will help.

Referendum 1A will help keep our teachers, our firefighters, our police officers in the valley. This is why I’ve been volunteering my time to help pass the child care initiative.

On Nov. 7, vote YES for Referendum 1A. For less than $1 per week for most households, we can’t afford not to do this.

Kelly Coffey

Eagle County Cares for Kids

I was disheartened to see negative 527-style politics arrive in Eagle County in opposition to our campaign for Eagle County’s children.

The ads are part of the dark side of American politics that voters rightfully loathe, a combination of scare tactics and false statements attacking the plan to spend 95 cents per week on early learning opportunities for Eagle County’s children.

The Eagle County Cares for Kids Campaign is committed to a positive campaign describing the programs and costs of aiding our children. Apparently, the opposition finds it necessary to hide behind a Denver law firm to avoid responsibility for the negative campaign.

As a professional in the field and a parent myself, I know firsthand the benefits that a YES vote on 1A can provide for parents and children through increased access and quality of child care, family support, and preventive health care services that will save all of us money over the long run.

Unlike our anonymous opponents, we are proud of our supporters and pleased that so many of them have contributed funds. We are even more gratified that they have given us permission to run their names – names that the community knows and trusts – in our advertisements.

We are confident that Eagle County voters will side with their children’s doctors, teachers and business leaders in supporting a program that benefits us all financially and socially. I trust that the voters will see the mean-spirited attack ads for what they are – an attempt to scare the voters without addressing the merits of Referendum 1A.

Please vote early, starting Oct. 23, or on Nov. 7 for Referendum 1A. Thank you.

Karen Simon

Don’t be fooled fellow Avon citizens, your public interests are well represented at the Avon town council. In the last two years my council colleagues and I have worked together to move Avon forward – always with an eye on implementing true public benefits and encouraging sustainable growth. You can already see some of the results: the whitewater park, the gondola and the upcoming consolidated transit center.

Please do not listen to Magnus Lindholm’s self-interested whining on Election Day. Also please do not fall prey to half-truths supposedly written by Magnus’ current pawn, our local ambulance district. Instead, continue to cast your votes for intelligent, energetic and visionary public servants. I will vote for Ron Wolfe (current Avon mayor), Brian Sipes (current Avon councilor) and Chris Green (current Avon planning commissioner), all men that I personally know to have these essential qualities.

And please rest assured that our honest scrutiny of all development projects in Avon is warranted. Your Avon town council is a rare organization, willing to accept some well-financed and orchestrated mud slinging in order to position our little town for a more successful future.


Tamra N. Underwood

Avon Councilwoman

When children in our valley show up for kindergarten, too many are unprepared. It’s a challenge for them to keep up with their peers and there’s a big economic impact down the road.

Several years ago, Kaylie was lucky enough to qualify for Colorado Preschool Program. This is a preschool program that offers comprehensive services, including health and dental screens.

Kaylie’s teachers initially thought that she had behavior problems because she couldn’t focus and was almost literally “bouncing off the walls.”

After a vision screen, it was determined that Kaylie was almost blind without glasses. Because she was able to obtain glasses and a quality early childhood education, she entered kindergarten ready to learn.

I ran into her mother last week and she said that Kaylie is now thriving in middle school – she attributes her daughter’s success to early intervention.

Vote yes for 1A.

Tsu Wolin-Brown, Eagle-Vail

The campaign for governor of Colorado this year features four main candidates: Clyde Harkins, Bob Beauprez, Bill Ritter, and Dawn Winkler. Harkins, Beauprez, and Ritter are Republicans, although Ritter is posing as a Democrat. Winkler is the candidate of the Libertarian Party.

The first three of these candidates are opposed to safe, legal abortion and do not believe that women are capable of independent thought. According to these men, the women who constitute 51 percent of the population of Colorado are not capable of making decisions about their own lives. They must be told what to do by men.

These men will not protect the lives, health, safety, and freedom of the women of Colorado.

Clyde Harkins wants a government devoted to Jesus Christ and a return to a biblical life and society. For Clyde, it’s motherhood or death. No exceptions. Bob Beauprez knows about female anatomy and physiology from milking cows with a machine. Women, cows, what’s the difference? Bill Ritter’s political philosophy begins somewhere in the 19th century and ends in 1950. Bill would have been an acceptable candidate for governor for either party in 1906 or 1956.

The only candidate for governor of Colorado who supports reproductive freedom for women and who understands the fundamental importance of this issue for women is Dawn Winkler, the Libertarian candidate. For her, it is not merely an intellectual abstraction or a political issue, which has inexplicable “nuances,” according to Bill Ritter: it is a matter of life and death. She is a woman, a wife, a mother, and a person who understands the risks of pregnancy and childbirth.

Dawn Winkler supports a woman’s right to choose, and she would protect the lives, health, safety and freedom of women. She understands that women are capable of thought and that they are capable of making decisions about their own lives.

For these reasons, I support the candidacy of Dawn Winkler for governor of Colorado. I plan to vote for her, I encourage all those who support a woman’s right to choose to vote for her, and I encourage my fellow citizens to contribute money to her campaign for Governor. I have given her a campaign contribution from my personal funds for $1,000.

Jane West, Avon, CO

Correction: The Vail Trail will be searching for eligible singles at Ray’s on Friday, Nov. 3. We published the wrong date in the Oct. 19 – 25 edition of The Vail Trail.

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