You’re getting warmer |

You’re getting warmer

Laura A. Ball
Laura A. Ball/Vail DailyUgg boots, $110, Roxy in Vail Village.

It’s five in the afternoon. The sun is shining. You’re skin is still warm and blushing from that afternoon bike ride. You get dressed to go to the Hot Summer Nights concert at Ford Amphitheater in a tank, a skirt and sandals. Then you remember that it’s summertime – in the Rockies. When the sun goes down, it gets chilly. You want people to see your cute summer clothes, not cover them up.

Seeing as how humans are unable to control the seasons as of yet, it is still up to us to prepare for inclement weather. That doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with fashion, but there are some easy ways to incorporate the looks of the season and stay warm, too.Layering is key. It’s also very a la mode, and there are many ways to do it. If you go with sheer fabric as the overlaying piece, what you’re wearing underneath still peeks through. It’s easy to find a light, transparent sweater or a gauzy tunic to throw on over a tank, and they still allude to the fact that you have shape. Look for pieces that are made for layering. They look really clean.

Shrugs and cropped cardigans are also a perfect way to cover your arms and upper body for extra heat. Wear them with a fitted tank or tee. This is a fun way to play with color, too. You can even toss one on over a dress. Unfortunately those ponchos we all bought last summer have gone to trend-heaven. But don’t get rid of them. They’ll be back.

Jackets are hot. Think blazers, but funky. Go for bright colors. They look adorable with a tank and jeans or skirt. They are great if you need to go for a classier look in a hurry. Army-style jackets are still in. If you’re going casual you can always lean on your favorite hoodie. If they’re more fitted, they go with pretty much anything – jeans, skirts, shorts. There is nothing more comfortable than pulling on a warm sweatshirt when you’re cold. Sweats embellished with tattoo designs have made the trend report lately.Ugg boots are still around. This season they come in all sorts of cool, sherbet colors, and they’re cute. It’s the classic example of the convergence of comfort and fashion. Surfers in Australia originally wore them at the beach because the shearling has a quality that is at once cooling and warm. This makes them ideal for Colorado summers. If you’re feet are warm, your whole body is likely to stay a lot warmer. Wear them with short skirts. I like to think if I keep my feet or my head warm, I’ll be better off.

Long, flowing skirts have the same type of effect as Uggs. They keep you cool during the day, and at night your legs are covered keeping you a bit toastier. They are great with tanks. And they’re usually really colorful so stick with something plain on top. Long shorts, which are all over the place are great, too. Wear them with boots or espadrilles for a funkier look.

So when you’re leaving to go out for Hot Summer Nights, FAC at Wolchott Yacht Club or State Bridge, have a shrug or some fun boots handy.

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