Youth a part of county’s future |

Youth a part of county’s future

Debbie Buckley Avon
candidate for Eagle County Commissioner

Restoring Trust, Building Community ” Step 6: Youth Advisory Council

The youth of Eagle County need a voice in the future of our county. Establishing a Youth Advisory Council will give the youth of Eagle County an opportunity to have a say in that future. The council should consist of at least one student from each high school in the county, including private and public schools.

In addition, there will be a position on the council for a home-schooled student. The council should be a diverse group by gender, race, background and extracurricular interests so they can represent all youth from our county.

The high school students who agree to participate will serve in an advisory role to the Board of County Commissioners on issues that affect youth in the community and will serve as youth ambassadors of Eagle County.

The Youth Advisory Council also will serve as a platform for Eagle County youth to present their ideas and suggestions to the Board of County Commissioners on issues that affect them, but are not necessarily considered youth issues. This platform will enhance the awareness of the needs and issues of our youth for our community.

Throughout the school year, members will participate in monthly meetings and a variety of educational opportunities, including an overview of how departments within the county serve the community. At least one meeting during the school year will be held in the Roaring Fork Valley at the Eagle County facility in El Jebel.

The council will have a group on Facebook or Myspace so it will be easy for them to receive input on issues from other youth in the community.

Members of the Youth Advisory Council will be invited to interact with leaders from within the community such as directors of nonprofits, chamber of commerce directors and other business leaders. The Youth Advisory Council will be a vehicle to enable the Eagle County community to better serve and address the anticipated needs of young people living in the county.

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