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Z Blog: God is big government

Matt Zalaznick

God is the biggest government of all.

Strange that the same people who tend to want a small, weak federal government also believe in more stringent forms of religion.

I’m thinking of the Focus on the Family crowd and W’s Christian conservative base. People like Sens. Rick Santorum, Sam Brownback, James Inhofe, and former attorney general John Ashcroft.

These people don’t want the government telling them how to lives their lives, but they have no problem telling other people how to live theirs.

The big government asking for more taxes makes them furious, but they work with a Taliban-like fervor to withhold civil liberties from gay Americans.

The big government funding public universities with too many liberal professors and helping to put on art shows they find offensive makes them crazy, but they have no problem demanding that the rules of their religion ” i.e., the Ten Commandments ” be plastered on the walls of every school, courthouse and public building in the land.

They don’t want to the government big, but they sure want it to espouse their mythology.

They believe the big government has no place restricting anybody’s use of deadly firearms, but they don’t want America’s young people to have access to condoms, morning-after pills and other forms of contraception. But maybe this last one is a consistent belief ” they turn a blind eye to the vast social problems caused by the availability of guns and those caused by unprotected sex.

I suppose that is small government.

I suppose you can reinterpret God’s law more easily than the government’s, and if you break God’s laws ” such as “don’t commit adultery” or “don’t mouth off to your parents” ” you don’t get as severely punished as when you violate government rules, such as the ones that say murder, robbery and downloading child pornography are not acceptable.

And I suppose one might criticize the converse: liberals who believe in big government and small religion. But that’s not what liberals believe ” we believe in government that takes care of the neediest when society is too stingy or uncaring, and we believe in the free expression of all religions.

We believe in not using our morals and ideas about life to tell our neighbors how to live.

We also believe religion has no place in government ” no matter what size it is.

Vail, Colorado

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