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Z Blog: Nation un-building

Matt Zalaznick

With parts of the world already in such disarray, why does W.’s quagmire bunch work so hard at tearing countries apart?

W., with strong support from the world and the nation, mostly dismantled the insidious Taliban. But toppling those master-tyrants opened a whole different nest of vipers and warlords and rivalries and continuing despair; things the Quagmire Kid and his gang of doofuses have no interest in dealing with.

Sure, the terrorists were chased from Afghanistan, but W. promptly tore apart Iraq and created a haven just around the corner for all the evicted evildoers.

And now Rummy, whose as incompetent at capturing his enemy as Wile E. Coyote, is rattling America’s sabre at Iran.

The neo-con philosophy was to spread democracy, right? The Rummy Doctrine seems to be to cause such irretrievable chaos in the Middle East that the so-called “Arab street” may be too worried about bombs blowing up their own houses to burn down the local KFC.

Civil wars in Baghdad, Kabul and Teheran will consume the energy usually reserved for chanting “Death to America.”

W. should have spent the $200 billion he’s wasted creating a romper room for terrorists in Iraq rebuilding the ex-playground in Afghanistan. W. claims to be winning the war on terror, but stabilizing Afghanistan would have been a far better strategy than giving al-Qaida a new home in the badlands around Baghdad.

One stable country would have done more to protect America than starting a pair of low-grade civil wars.

The money frittered away in Iraq could have been spent preventing genocide in Sudan. But Darth Cheney and his orcs, committed to their “kill-or-be-killed” philosophy, want no part of trying to improve the lives of anyone who doesn’t own a Saudi oil field.

Illegal immigration has now replaced gay marriage at the peak of right wing’s list of threats to America. On this issue, Republicans actually want to build something ” a 700-mile wall.

It’s people who are at war ” like the Israelis and the Palestinians, the East and West in Berlin ” who build walls on their borders. America is not at war with Mexico. America only has jobs to offer its citizens.

Again, the money wasted in Iraq could have been spent improving living conditions in Mexico or in other countries from which illegal immigrants are fleeing to America.

The money could have be spent making it easier for Mexicans and other immigrants to come to work in America. The money could have been used to hire more federal employees to review work-visa applications so immigrants don’t have to be smuggled to the land of the free in shipping containers.

Or, the money blown in Iraq could have been spent improving the lives of … get this … Americans! I bet $200 billion could educate a lot of children or give them health care. A healthy, educated generation is also a good strategy in the war on terror if we produce scientists and other thinkers who can figure out how to free the homeland of its addiction to Middle Eastern oil.

But none of this will happen unless America’s free itself of its post-Sept. 11 addiction to the Bushian philosophy of destruction.

Vail, Colorado

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