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Z Blog – Next year go to Aspen, Darth

M. Spencer Green/AP PhotoThis is only American Dick Cheney is worried about protecting.

Our vice president has such love for the people he can’t even bear to share a rural highway with them.

He gets a kick out of sending other people’s children off to war without enough armor, but he’s afraid to pass the golf courses in Beaver Creek, Arrowhead and Wolcott in anything less than a bullet-proof limousine.

The force he sent to Iraq was too small, but the motorcade that carried him safely past the treacherous, insurgent triangle of Riverwalk, the Wolcott Yacht Club and the Eagle Diner had plenty of manpower. He doesn’t seem to care whether America’s working men and women have health care, but he had an ambulance speeding behind him as he rode to and from his Beaver Creek summit of the rich and powerful.

He and his little chum W. pretend to be men of the people, but neither the people nor their representatives in the media are invited to his World Forum in Beaver Creek ” or any of his other dark gatherings.

And what if there’s a fire or a car wreck? An actual emergency? Protecting Darth from the terrorist cells of Wolcott ” i.e., protecting him from nothing but his own bleak paranoia and scorn for the common man ” is a bad excuse for slower response times when locals are in trouble.

His administration just slashed the homeland security budgets for New York City and Washington, D.C., presumably any terrorist’s top homefront targets. But Cheney’s spending taxpayer’s money to protect himself from the following Americans:

And he has such confidence in the war on terror he’s afraid to ride through our peaceful little valley without having firefighters closing off every street along the way.

No going shopping! No going on picnics or leisurely summer drives! Darth’s goin’ for a ride. He’s a man of the people, but god forbid the people should be able to go about their business when Darth’s got a plane to catch.

The people can’t even be trusted to know it’s Darth himself barreling through town. The firefighters closing off the street told passersby only that a diplomat’s motorcade was coming through.

Seems Darth knows he’s no beloved leader.

A man who, according to the Secret Service, “wasn’t acting like the other folks” in Beaver Creek last week. The town manager of Eagle, who wound up charged with disorderly conduct because he was allegedly unhappy about his street being closed off just so Darth didn’t have to share the road.

But forget the wars on terror, on weapons of mass destruction and on extremism, the only American Darth’s worried about protecting is himself, and the only parts of the American Way he’s trying to safeguard are his own power and prominence.

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