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Z Blog: One board per politician

Whether or not you like me editing your local newspaper, you don’t want me also fixing your transmission, handling your mortgage or cleaning your teeth.

That’s why, as voters, we shouldn’t vote for any reigning county commissioners or council members who are running this spring for the water board, ambulance board, the marmot protection district board or any other committee.

Nothing against those candidates who want to double or even triple their weekly dose of process and bureaucracy, but who wants the same handful of people making decisions about building big-box stores, designing kayak parks and training paramedics?

You’re not going to vote your state senator onto your school board, right? He or she already causes enough trouble down in Denver.

And could anybody possibly be that well-versed in the zoning code, retail economics, water law and emergency medicine?

What does your local paramedic know about recreational instream diversions or wildlife migration corridors?

What does your local water engineer know about myocardial infarcations? Only that if he has one, he wants a paramedic ” not a land-use planner ” to show up and try to save his life.

Doesn’t it seem un-democratic ” and slightly weird ” for someone to want so many little

doses of power? Not satisfied with helping to run their county or small town, they also want to tell firefighters or wastewater engineers how to do their jobs.

I mean, county commissioners and town council members already tell us what we can build where, when we’re allowed to smoke and how many articles of clothing we have to have when using a crosswalk roundabout. That’s enough power.

Doesn’t it also seem un-democratic to vote for the same person in a bunch of different elections? I think voters already are way too addicted to incumbents and way too disinteresed in conflicts of interest.

Vail, Colorado

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