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Z Blog: Republicans are catching on, sort of

Matt Zalaznick

Check it out: Republicans are finally figuring out what us left-wing wackos have known since Inauguration Day 2001.

W. is incompetent. W. is a clown. W doesn’t really care what happens to Americans who don’t own oil companies or who don’t give more than $100,000 to his campaign funds.

As far as he’s concerned, those kinds of Americans don’t exist ” unless he wants to send them to war and use the troops as a backdrop to look tough.

Us liberal looney-tunes are entering our sixth year of pessimism and frustration. But lately, even the red-staters ” smarting from the widespread grapeshot of the administration’s unending failures ” have a sinking sensation it’s only going to get worse at home and abroad.

They’re starting to realize, “Hey wait a second, all that patriotism and flag-waving was fun, but my salary’s not getting any bigger.” In fact, it’s getting smaller because everything except the value of a hard-day’s work is getting more expensive.

According to the Associated Press, 70 percent of Republicans now expect civil war to break out in Iraq. And Republicans running for re-election in November and those who are considering bids in 2008 are fleeing from Bush like he’s the nerdy, smelly, snot-covered kid at the back of the school bus.

Nobody but Sam Alito, James Dobson and Bill O’Reilly wants to sit with W. anymore.

Some of W.’s stalwarts say, “Don’t worry. It’s just the second-term doldrums.” But W.’s approval ratings are hanging on by a thread around 40 percent. Reagan and Clinton were far more well-liked at the same points in their presidencies.

Earlier this week the Associated Press reported that five Vermont towns asked the state’s Congressman to file articles of impeachment against Bush for spying on Americans and misleading us about the reasons for invading Iraq.


Still, us crazy America-hating lefties can out-worry even the most unhinged conservative. It appears W. isn’t just content to run vast regions of the globe into the ground ” including the homeland, our national parks and wilderness, and the Middle East, Africa and the major oceans ” but he may actually be trying to destroy the entire planet.

With his legacy in tatters, is he trying to make his mark on history by bringing about the Rapture?

How else can one explain sparking a civil war in the most volatile part of the world?

How else can one explain not going to war ” if you must go to war ” with either of two countries that are run by actual maniacs with actual weapons of mass destruction?

How else can one explain a criminal disregard for the environment? How else can one explain a president letting thousands of his “constituents” get blown up in Iraq and drown on the Gulf Coast?

Yes, us commie pinko traitors are still way more frightened.

Vail, Colorado

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