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Z Blog – Republicans say BOO!

Matt Zalaznick
Jeff Christensen/AP photoHere's a leader who can handle the issues W. and the Republicans have bungled or ignored.

Raving, left-wing columnists have been accused lately of being the leading inspiration for Republicans trying to protect the countrys morals, borders and everything else American. Though theyre in control of the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, Homeland Security, the CIA, the military, Joe Lieberman, and so on, these goofy attacks mean Republicans need a leader as desperately as the Democrats do. Seems Republicans are suffering from the disease they accused Democrats of having during the last presidential election. The Republican charge, mostly accurate, was that Democratic candidates in 2004 had no ideas or principles other than the mostly accurate one that W. was a dangerous, drooling idiot.

In 2004, the Democrats had no leader beyond Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. Democrats thought the babbling and bungling of the bogeyman in the White House would rally the base. Now, the Republicans and their supporters, in a desperate attempt to rescue their tattered political reputation, are mounting yet another fear campaign: Let the Democrats take over Congress and the U.S. will turn into a bisexual, pro-suicide, abortion-mad, gay-adoption crazed, church-bashing, Spanish-speaking, foul-mouthed and terrorist-mobbed Red Light district thats too wimpy to use its military. Realizing all of W.s initiatives are lamer than Barbabro, their political philosophy amounts to one big BOO! The Republicans are dyspeptic with power. They have neither vision nor ideas. Following the Yo-Yo-in-Chief, their answer to everything is al-Qaida! Al-Qaida! Al-Qaida!The most creative proposal they can come up with for the countrys energy troubles is to give big oil companies more money by letting them drill for a very finite supply in a pristine part of Alaska. Meanwhile, according to New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, private companies in Silicon Valley are doing the real work on alternative energy. The most cunning plan they have for dealing with global warming which just about every mainstream scientist believes is occurring and is our fault is to do more studies while gutting federal environmental regulations to the benefit of loggers and others industries.The spineless Republicans in Congress are wasting our time with a Constitutional amendment that aims to ban gay marriage while ignoring the federal crimes being violated by W.s domestic spying program. Gay marriage and adoption is a way to build families. Domestic spying destroys the freedom W. says hes so crazy about. Can the Democrats capitalize on this Republican intellectual crisis? That depends on whether they line up behind another soul-less candidate like Hillary Clinton or give America a serious candidate with potential to be a real leader on all of the issues fumbled by W. Please run for president, Al Gore.

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