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Z Blog: The old war on terror trick

Matt Zalaznick

The foiling of a plot to blow up U.S. airliners over the Atlantic is outstanding news.

Now, let’s see how the Bush Administration politicizes it.

They’ve already started barking “So, there,” and “I told you so!” at Democrats they accuse of being soft on terror.

But what evidence do they have that Democrats, liberals and even some centrists are skittish about taking on Islamic fanatics? Their pathetic proof is that we oppose the war in Iraq.

In the coming days and weeks, I hope Democratic leaders will stand up to the administration by reminding the American people that the war in Iraq is not the war on terror.

The only terrorists we’re battling in Iraq are the ones who sprang up to try to kick us out of Iraq. In fact, more and more experts on international affairs are saying the chaos we’ve created in Iraq is a substantial setback in our war on terror.

Saddam Hussein was a thug ” to use W.’s favorite word, he also qualifies as “evil” ” but he was not threatening Americans. If we’re going to depose every maniac who tortures his own people, we need to increase the size of our army twenty-fold. But W. probably can’t even find on a map all the countries where the governments are murdering their citizens.

What’s the capital of the Congo, W.?

Our troops would probably be making more gains in the war on terror had we invaded Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia or half a dozen other African countries.

So I hope Democratic leaders won’t let the administration and its attack dogs continue to paint opponents of the Iraqi fiasco as unpatriotic and uninterested in protecting the homefront from psychopaths.

We opposed the war in Iraq because we worried there were far bigger dangers ” such as Islamic terrorists ” in the world.

We’ll also hear the administration call us craven for attacking its spooky wire-tapping programs; for being skeptical about the Orwellian aspects of Patriotic Act; for criticizing the commander in chief during wartime; and for worrying about how we are treating those we’ve taken prisoner overseas.

I hope Democratic leaders remind the American people that a part of the war on terror is defending the rights that make us Americans. We’ve lost a major battle in the war on terror if the terrorists have scared us into shredding our civil liberties.

After all, that’s what we all say we’re fighting the war on terror for ” to preserve our freedoms.

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