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Z Blog: This is a war on terror

Israel is fighting a serious war on terror.

The Israelis are whole-heartedly going after the Hezbollah killers who have menaced their borders and murdered their citizens.

The U.S., meanwhile, continues to bumble along in Iraq, Afghanistan and the homeland. Even though Sept. 11 supposedly “changed everything,” the Bush Administration is still distracting the homelanders from the real problems, most recently hiding its incompetence behind its attacks on the New York Times, accusing the paper of treason for exercising freedom of the press.

Is this a war on terror or, as the New York Times’ Frank Rich has suggested, a war on investigative journalism? Or is this a domestic war aimed at eroding the power of Congress and the Supreme Court, and making the president omnipotent?

While the Taliban reconquers villages and reinstalls oppression in southern Afghanistan, W.’s terrorist trackers can only crow about reining in a group of loudmouthed losers in Miami with crazy ideas but no capability.

As many observers have pointed out, Rummy and the Quaqmire Kids’ awful planning for post-Saddam Iraq has been a windfall for Iran and its plan to inspire theocratic misery and violence from the Golan Heights to Baghdad. W., the Chauvenist-Frat-Boy-in-Chief, responded boldly: he sexually harassed the leader of Germany.

With the oratorical skills of a 10-year-old making a prank phone call, he cursed out Kofi Annan, who rivals Bush in the failure department. W.’s potty-mouthed foppery would be hilarious if his foreign policy wasn’t achieving everything he promised Americans he’d protect them against: tyranny, the spread of nuclear weapons, terrorism.

W.’s third reason for invading Iraq was to spread democracy, but if Iran gets nukes, how long will it take those ruthless ayatollahs to ship them to their pals in Iraq to launch at the Sunnis.

While Indian commuters die by the score just trying to get to work, the administration continues to prop up a craven state like Pakistan. India is economically vibrant, Democratic and tolerant. India’s so sensitive to the racial tensions in it’s country it squelched blogs it worried might incite Muslim fanatics.

Meanwhile, Pakistan, an alleged partner in the war on terror, helped spread nuclear technology to all sorts of maniacs.

For all his bluster and bombing, W. isn’t really taking on to the terrorists ” no one but Israel is. It’s time for the world to have zero-tolerance policy on terrorism, and self-righteous condemnations from the UN and the European Union aren’t going to prevent a single suicide bombing.

Perhaps, it’s time to make NATO an anti-terror organization and bring Russia into the fold for real. W. talks tough, but doesn’t seem eager to get into the really dirty business of wiping out terrorists.

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