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Z Blog: Who forgot 9/11?

Matt Zalaznick

W.’s memory is hazy about the day that “changed everything.”

His henchmen and lapdogs accuse everybody else of forgetting the mortal threat to the American way that was exposed on Sept. 11. W. and prime-time patriots like Bill O’Reilly have used terror as a rhetorical weapon of mass destruction ” to scare Americans into submission, trample our democracy and make anyone who doesn’t support the disaster in Iraq out to be a sissy who’s afraid to fight.

Too bad they haven’t put that energy into the war on terror. Because terror seems to be flourishing. Just look at how Hezbollah, while W. was busy not fighting terror in Iraq, has transformed itself from a ragtag bunch of thugs into a militia that’s a match for Israel’s best commandos.

I think W. forgot about terrorism as soon as the first bombs starting falling on Afghanistan. We chased out the Taliban, but left the same kind of violent vacuum that may once again be filled by a tyrannical movement like the Taliban.

Iraq may be headed in the same direction ” civil war leading to a fascist state ” or anarchy ” that tolerates, even welcomes, terrorists.

What W. should have done after Sept. 11 is tell Vladimir Putin to do whatever he wants to the terrorists in Chechnya. Then W. should have put 400,000 U.S. troops into Afghanistan, stabilize the country with the help of the rest of the world, and then put those troops in a ring around Syria and give the Syrians month to shut down Hezbollah.

W. should then have let Iran, Pakistan and other governments that tolerate terror attacks against innocents abroad know that they were next on the hit list.

America needed to let those regimes know that supporting al-Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas and any other “Islamo-fascist” killers will not be tolerated.

But not in the way W. doesn’t tolerate things ” i.e., he lets them happen, like North Korea’s nukes ” but in the way FDR, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower didn’t tolerate things.

Sadly for America and the world, W. wanted to knock out the bully who made his daddy look silly rather than implement a zero-tolerance policy on terror. The homeland hasn’t been attacked, but thousands have died in terror attacks overseas. We are not winning the war on terror by any stretch of the imagination.

So what should he do now, after he has demolished America’s credibility and stressed out its military. We may have to send more troops to Iraq to prevent it from turning into Afghanistan or Somalia.

If we pull out now, we’ll certainly have to go back when, taking advantage of the civil war, al-Qaida sets up camps along the Euphrates River.

The other option is to pull out, let our military regroup for six months or a year, and then surround Syria.

The only difference between now and then is that another state sponsor of terror, custom made by W. and Rummy, will be on our hit list.

At least then Iraq may actually be a threat.

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