Zacca Za!, Avon, Italian |

Zacca Za!, Avon, Italian

Kelly Vasbinder
Vail CO, Colorado

Zacca Za! – A Red Sauce Joint

Traer Creek Plaza

Avon near Wal-Mart

(970) 748-4848

Benvenuto! (Welcome!)

When you first enter through the doors at Zacca Za, it feels almost like entering an authentic Italian-American kitchen. The ambiance of the traditional Italian hospitality immediately takes over, and the warm smell of garlic and fresh mozzarella makes your mouth water. While huge wall-to-wall windows remind you that you’re still in the Rocky Mountains, the elegant dark wood tables and plush booths make dining rustic and luxurious.

Buon appetito! (Enjoy the meal!)

Zacca Za prides itself on fresh food, high flavor and most of all, large portions. “Our concept was for the customer to come in and share dishes like you do with family at home,” says Jim Lay, one of the three owners. Menu items are so large, that they are also available by the half portion. However, don’t be fooled. A half portion can still easily be shared, or taken home to enjoy later. Zacca Za specializes in having something for everyone, including family-style pasta, original Chicago-style deep dish pizza, authentic Napolitano thin crust pizza, steaks and seafood.

Molto Bene! (Very Good!)

While all the food at Zacca Za is as tempting as summer days are long, there are several standouts that deserve special mention. As an appetizer, the adventurous should sample the Salumi and Formaggi, where diners get to pick and choose their own freshly shaved cured Italian meats and cheeses. The bruscetta is incredible, especially when topped with San Marzano tomatoes, and the bibb salad with blue cheese and pomegranate vinaigrette is a delightful way to warm up your palate. For entree’s, come with friends and order to share! The deep-dish pizza is spectacular and a must try. Other favorites include the chicken piccata and the angel hair pasta with shrimp, pesto and cream. For dessert, delight your senses with a traditional, made-to-order tiramisu, a simple slice of “mom’s chocolate cake,” or the unique baba au rum.

Cin-Cin! (Cheers!)

Zacca Za boasts great food and plenty of it, but they also have wonderful drinks and a local’s favorite, Friday afternoon specials! Join the fun on Zacca Za’s sun-kissed deck and enjoy $5 freshly squeezed vodka lemonade, $2.50 beers and $5.25 wines while you check out the local live music scene and a game of bocce ball. Zacca Za also offers other happy hour food and drink specials daily from 2 p.m., until 5 p.m.

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