Zalaznick: History will break white-males’ streak |

Zalaznick: History will break white-males’ streak

Matt Zalaznick
Vail, CO Colorado

OK, this may be a selfish way to look at the 2008 election, but I really want Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to win because they aren’t white men.

Well, that’s not the only reason. They’re both good candidates who seem likely to serve the country well. Maybe they can even repair the vast damage W. has done at home and abroad.

So we have a chance to make history and get the country back in the good old right direction.

I know it’s sounds corny, but I’m also thinking about the children. Well, my children, specifically ” two girls ” one who’s almost 2 and the other, 3 months old.

As horrible a “leader” as W. has been, as often as they might hear their parents talk about his gallery of failures, they’ll be too young to remember they were alive during the administration of America’s worst president.

What they will know by the end Clinton’s or Obama’s first term four years from now is that a black man or a woman can be commander in chief. In fact, they will never have known a white male president.

And imagine the spiritual and symbolic strides we’d make as a nation if this week’s hubbub is true ” that Hillary and Barack are considering forming a ticket? And imagine if we elected them. Just thinking of my own family, that could mean eight years of one and then eight years of the other. My oldest daughter could be graduating high school before she sees a white male president.

But there are reasons other than my daughters’ view of the world for making history this presidential election.

The history we, as a nation, have been making lately has been pretty dreadful. We started one war ” in Afghanistan ” with good reason, and then forgot about our troops there, though soldiers and civilians continue to die while the Taliban still hasn’t been routed and Osama bin Laden is still a free man.

We made the most arrogant decision in our history and invaded Iraq with no real plan and killed lots of our troops and hundreds of thousands of more civilians we thought would thank us. Oh yeah, we also created a new Disney World for terrorists. Oops!

Perhaps worst of all, after 9/11, when our leaders had a chance to make history, when Americans were ready to do just about anything to help the nation heal ” like be a part of a massive environmental movement ” our president and his Republican cronies asked us to spend money and put American flag stickers on our cars.

But Americans have the chance to make history again by not allowing John McCain to prolong a Republican ideology that has left this nation in bad shape and its citizens humiliated.

McCain has lately been trotting out his patriotism, that tired old Republican weapon. McCain says he wants to serve the America we love, but sensible people know that when Republicans talk about the “America, we love,” we know it’s code for those right-wing “family values” of intolerance, censorship and a fear of science.

Electing a Clinton or an Obama would be an instant credibility boost for Uncle Sam, who some of us still believe in, but who was hijacked by Dick Cheney’s dark, oil-drenched vision of the world.

Hopefully, the Clinton-Obama (or vice versa) administration can bring America back to its mission of acting in the best interest of the planet, rather than protecting only the interests of W.’s buddies in the energy industry. Hopefully, a Democrat can put us on a national mission, perhaps an environmental or educational one, that will distract us from worrying about what each of us are doing in the privacy of our own homes.

Because that’s the kind of country in which I would hope my daughters start understanding the world.

Assistant Managing Editor Matt Zalaznick can be reached at 748-2926, or

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