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Zeeb: A new perspective

Our work, our practice is about learning to work on and from the ‘within.’ This is not about being selfish, it is about learning that what you do in this world and what you give in this world comes from within. From this place, we will not tire. From this place, we will speak truth to ourselves. From this place, we can heal. From this place, we are connected to all. From this place, we are safe. From this place, we are creative. From this place, we are cared for.

The more we understand that our gifts are within, our self-esteem is within, our compassion is within and that our success will come from within, we can let go of trying to find these things. This world is full of ideas and inventions. The idea or invention may have come from an inspiration from an outside source, but then it is turned into an idea (or dream) from within.

The journey of enlightenment involves shedding, not collecting. We want to learn to disrobe our stuff, let go of old stuff until there is nothing left but the truth of who we are. If we disrobe, then immediately throw the robe back on, we have not truly let go. We are then still holding on ” holding on to possessions or to the past.

Clean out one possession today. Clean out a drawer or a box or a closet. Let go. Do your possessions provide you with security and happiness? If not, let go. And if they do, put them on display ” make sure you get good use of the items that you hold onto.

Clean out one thing in your body today. If you drink, stop for a time ” clean your body. If it’s food, eat only that which serves your body, letting go of anything that causes toxins. The body is our vessel which carries the energy of our life and of our soul. Take good care of it.

Allow only that which serves your soul into your life. Meaning be that which you want to see in the world, then it will come to you as well. We can let go of our success as well as our failings. We can let go of our sanity and our confusion. Letting go creates a lightness of being. Being lighter within serves us and serves the world; the chaos within and in the world doesn’t serve anyone.

Try to ‘just be’ for once in your life. Try not to push and force things to be what you want or what you think they should be. Release old things. Release things that don’t serve you. Work from within to allow the truth of who you are to shine out into the world. All that you desire will be given to you if you let go of trying to make it all happen. Trust this and have faith. Why not? The world is waiting for the divine within each of us to shine through and it has to start somewhere.

Catherine Zeeb holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Metaphysics. She has a private therapy practice in Edwards and teaches Metaphysics at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. You can visit her Web site at http://www.healing-spirits.net.

“We work so hard to bring health to our bodies, to bring prosperity, to bring happiness, to bring success into our lives; to bring artistic or literary gifts or talents within our grasp, to bring great new ideas from the outside; and, of course we continually fail, because we cannot ‘bring’ a single one of these things from the without to the within.”

– Emmet Fox

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