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5 reasons to vote for Diane Mitsch Bush in the Democratic primary (letter)

Here are the top five reasons why I’m voting for Diane Mitsch Bush in the Democratic primary to serve as our next U.S. Representative:

1. Diane has broad-based, grassroots support. According to the first-quarter FEC filing, Diane has had more than 1,040 individual donors and 72 percent of those contributions were donations of $100 or less. Candidate Karl Hanlon has had only 128 donors with an average contribution amount of more than $800.

2. Diane is an experienced legislator. She served two terms as Routt County Commissioner and three terms as Colorado State House Representative. Hanlon has had no experience as a legislator. Candidate Arn Menconi served two terms as Eagle County Commissioner.

3. Diane is an experienced campaigner. She has won five electoral campaigns — all in regions that were only about 30 percent Democrat. Hanlon has run only one campaign, which he lost.

4. Diane has a proven record of working successfully with diverse constituents without compromising her own ideals. The fact that she was selected as the 2015 Legislator of the Year by the Colorado Livestock Association and the 2017 Legislator of the Year by Conservation Colorado says a great deal about her ability to work collaboratively “across the aisle.”

5. Diane is running a clean, transparent campaign. She’s the only one in this race who has signed on to the Colorado Clean Campaign pledge. I urge the other candidates to sign on ASAP.

Please join me in supporting Diane for Colorado!

Debbie Bruell


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