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A list of five concerns about the state of Eagle-Vail and where we’re headed (letter)

Vail Daily Letter to the Editor

My husband and I have been property owners in Eagle-Vail since 2007. We are raising our three boys here and are very proud to call Eagle-Vail home. We both work full time to make ends meet, so we don’t have a lot of time to volunteer our time to the community, but I am a member of the Swim Committee and intend to stay involved as much as I can.

I have several concerns about what’s happening in Eagle-Vail over the past few years. One, the community re-elected three members of the Property Owners Association board based on a promise of a $100,000 savings to the community by hiring BOLD.

I’ve listened to TV5 and talked to my neighbors and friends, and none of us can figure out where the savings is. Maybe Daniels or Jacobson, who seem to be running for the Metro board on that promise, could explain the status of that savings on Eagle-Vail United. Or is that a question for Mr. Watts, the Property Owners Association president? A savings of that size would be great. I hope it happens.

Two, over the past few years, we have had a calendar of outstanding events that my family, friends and I have actively attended and enjoyed. Those parties were run by Kris, Krista and volunteers. Now that BOLD is running the POA, will we continue to have community events?

I couldn’t get a ticket for the Mikaela watch parties because the Eagle-Vail United followers got first priority. (Information was at the very bottom of the BOLD email blast mid-January and alluded to the fact that we would be receiving more info on the party. We never did. Meanwhile, the invite sent out by Eagle-Vail United on Friday, Feb. 2, was great, but too bad a lot of people in the community didn’t receive it. Is that an official community website or is it Steve Daniels’ personal website? Very confusing.)

Those two events seemed to be campaign events for Jacobson, Watts and Daniels, not our typical event. I think regular events are very important to our community, as they give neighbors a chance to get together and have a little fun. Not only do these events give us a chance to socialize with our neighbors, they give the board members a chance to intermingle with satisfied members of Eagle-Vail and not just sit in board meetings and listen to people complain.

Three, why do politics in our wonderful little community have to be so negative? Can’t we all just get along? I have worked with Jeff Layman while on the Swim Committee, and I and all my friends I talk to think he’s doing a great job. What do we need BOLD for?

Four, we have two candidates running for the Metro Board who currently sit on the Property Owners Association Board. If we’re a community run by volunteers, shouldn’t we have 10 different people on the two boards, rather than eight? It just doesn’t seem fair for anyone to ask us to elect them to more than one board seat at a time.

Five, don’t we want board members who are independent thinkers? Three of the candidates are campaigning as a team. Is that free, independent thinking? Doesn’t seem like it.

My husband and I are voting for Tim McGuire, Ken McCann and Bob Finlay because I think they’ll be independent thinkers who will represent our community with new and fresh ideas. I hope you vote for them, too.

Katie Crofton


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