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A ‘yes’ on 1A gives all of us a stunning return on our investment in open space (letter)

Since 2002, Eagle County has been able to invest a small percentage of our property taxes to acquire and preserve open space lands that make life richer for all of us. A number of these parcels, like the Hardscrabble Ranch on Brush Creek, have been contractually protected forever by the Eagle County Land Trust.

Many of us are able to take advantage of the national forests that surround us, but that’s not an everyday occurrence nor feasible for everyone. The Open Space Fund has made it possible to go for highly enjoyable walks within the urban areas of the valley on conserved tracts like the Miller Ranch Open Space between Avon and Edwards. Additionally, everyone driving on Interstate 70 or U.S. Highway 6 is afforded the visual inspiration this and other open spaces provide.

The actual cost to the individual property owner of purchasing and preserving these properties is remarkably low. For starters, county funds are often augmented by Great Outdoors Colorado funds and donations from residents throughout the valley. By simply spending a few minutes with Mark Chapin, the county assessor, which I did on Friday, you will learn that only $64.80 of the annual property tax on a median-priced house in the county ($600,000) fully supports the Eagle County Open Space Fund.

Don’t let this marvelous situation slip away. Please vote “yes” on 1A.

Dave Schlendorf


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