Act of kindness at local business won’t soon be forgotten (letter) |

Act of kindness at local business won’t soon be forgotten (letter)

Leadfoot Linda’s has been servicing my cars for many years. I called a few days ago to make an appointment for an oil change. Since my husband and I are sharing a car this summer, I told Kyle that I would wait for it instead of dropping it off. He asked me to be there at 8 this morning and it would take an hour.

My husband decided to go with me and we would go have breakfast while my service was being done. We were finished with breakfast at 9, but Kyle hadn’t called yet. We walked back to Leadfoot Linda’s and saw my car just being driven into the service area.

Kyle explained that the service tech needed to finish a job from last night before he worked on my car. My husband and I walked for another hour. At 10:15, my car was finally ready. When Kyle handed me the key, my husband handed him the credit card, but Kyle said, “Not today … there’s no charge and I’m sorry about your long wait.” When we went out to the car, in addition to the oil change, it had also been washed and vacuumed!

George and his crew have always been wonderful, but today Kyle went the extra mile to make our experience exceptional. We will remember this kindness for years. We sincerely appreciate this customer service, and we will continue to be loyal customers. I wish more businesses in our valley had employees like the ones at Leadfoot Linda’s.

Pat Cole

Vero Beach, Florida

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