Americans have good reason to be suspicious of Democratic ‘values’ (letter) |

Americans have good reason to be suspicious of Democratic ‘values’ (letter)

To the editor: I am compelled to respond to several comments in Stewart Epstein’s letter (“Democrats should communicate values,” Friday, Oct. 19).

First, Mr. Epstein claims, in his third paragraph, that President Trump’s supporters have a “paranoid belief that the Democrats and the liberal part of the media are out to get (President) Trump.”

Yet, in the second paragraph of his letter, Mr. Epstein essentially acknowledges that there is a real basis for the alleged “paranoid belief” when he refers to “the tendency of most Democrats (including political candidates for Congress and those in the news media) to constantly bash Donald Trump.”

So, the belief is not paranoid, but well-founded, as Mr. Epstein himself seems to recognize.

Second, Mr. Epstein advises Democrats to “communicate” their “values to the people.”

As long as those values are laser-focused on political correctness, pigeon-holing Americans (e.g., Elizabeth Warren), disclaiming civility in politics (e.g., Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Maxine Waters) and other messages that are divisive, Americans have good reason to be suspicious of Democratic “values.”

Third, many Americans do not see the federal government as an agent for “positive good” but, rather, a lumbering, wasteful, ever-growing colossus restricting our Constitutional rights while throwing taxpayer money at the Democrats’ schemes du jour (e.g., the “Great Society,” “shovel-ready jobs” and the “stimulus”).

Gerald Katz


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