Arbitration is not a ‘blow to workers’ rights,’ as Mitsch Bush claims (letter) |

Arbitration is not a ‘blow to workers’ rights,’ as Mitsch Bush claims (letter)

To the editor: The title of this opinion column by Diane Mitsch Bush should read

“Supreme Court decision a blow to trial lawyers and Democratic politicians” (“Supreme Court decision a blow to workers’ rights,” Saturday, June 9). The former will no longer enjoy the lucrative fees generated by class-action employee lawsuits. The latter will no longer receive the campaign contributions funded by these fees.

The trial lawyer bar has been a mainstay of financial support to the Democratic Party in exchange for legislation that encourages litigation and lines the lawyers’ pockets.

No surprise, therefore, that Ms. Bush, a Democrat, decries the Supreme Court’s decision.

On the merits, the decision is correct. Arbitration has been the Congressionally endorsed strong public policy of the United States since the 1930s. Arbitration is much more economical than litigation, and arbitrators are chosen for their expertise in the types of cases they hear, in this instance, employment cases.

Workers will not suffer on account of this decision, though the trial bar and Democrats may. That outcome is no reason to bemoan the Supreme Court’s decision.

Gerald Katz


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