Arm the teachers? More guns are not the answer (letter) |

Arm the teachers? More guns are not the answer (letter)

Picture this: The teacher is armed with a loaded gun. The students used to respect the teacher. Now they feel intimidated.

A disturbed assailant carrying an AR-15 with a 30-round clip barges into the classroom, knowing the teacher is armed. Who gets shot first? The assailant has enormous advantage of firepower.

Is the armed teacher a deterrent? Probably not. The assailant knows he’s going to die anyway from a bullet or in prison, so he’s already made that calculation.

Arm the teachers? What folly our federal government leaders are pursuing. More guns are not the answer.

What to do? Perhaps metal detectors at the school entrance. I’m sure that would be perceived as a great inconvenience, but the students would feel safer, at least inside the building. Right now, there’s a potential of fear developing in the classroom. Licensing the purchase of all firearms would be another step in the right direction, requiring a background check, an interview with law enforcement and completion of a safety program.

In addition, parents need to “step up” and be held responsible for knowing what their children are up to.

Kids can be very cruel, especially to someone who’s a little different, less social and perceived to be weak. That person can feel ostracized and wants to hit back. After a childhood of “shoot ’em up” video games and a growing frequency of mass shootings in America, he is tempted to become a copycat. The same thing can be played out at an adult level.

These angry persons need to be identified and provided with counseling. Perhaps our church ministries would be helpful in this area, networking with schools and government. In any case, we need to think “outside the box” and find an effective way to prevent the violence. The weak-kneed politicians in Washington don’t seem to be up to the job. Our American culture is at stake!

Dave Mott


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