Armijo: A change of perspective can do wonders |

Armijo: A change of perspective can do wonders

Chad Armijo
Valley Voices

When the word “perspective” is mentioned it is typically followed by an image of photography and landscape. As humans, we use perspective daily and not just for photography. We use perspective when we relate to any situation we have engaged in. If we engaged in a conversation or transaction which did not make us feel good, then we may reflect on it from a negative perspective.

Perspective is how we decipher the world around us. We experience a stimulus then we create a perception of that stimulus. Perspective also happens when we watch a news segment that is designed to entice a reaction (usually negative) and then we form our perception of that segment — such as all politicians are liars or our world is getting worse. These are partially manufactured perceptions from outside sources. Our perception and perception of things form our beliefs and create the world around us.

We all know that one person who lives in the perception that everything in their life is going wrong … all of the time. They reinforce their perception by finding every little fault that may be happening in their life, whether it is a lack of money in their bank account or the toe they stubbed on the coffee table on the way out the door in the morning. These people never perceive the positive in their lives because their focus (perception) is set to only recognize the negative. Unfortunately, they will continue to experience the negative in their life due to this default setting in their perception.

Our perspective literally shapes our reality. To clarify, when we take the perspective that something is tough, like math or creative writing, and when we believe that perspective, we will gradually decline in those subjects. We must match our perspective because as humans we like to be right … even if it is to our own detriment. In short, we create the belief things are tough, then we subconsciously make them tough to fulfill our beliefs or, conversely, we can create the belief that life is easy and everything always works out for me and it will become so.

This may sound like some hippie, new age, hullabaloo, but it is backed by scientific evidence. Quantum physicists have found that matter does not exist when we are not thinking about it — so forget about the tree falling in the woods and wondering if it makes a sound. Without thought, our universe would not exist! This applies to each of us as well.

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We literally create the world around us. If we are experiencing something negative at the moment, we can be assured that we have created this situation either through negative thinking (taking the wrong perspective) or by buying into others negative thinking and internalizing it as our own. Have you ever gone into work with a positive attitude, only to be accosted by a coworker’s lousy attitude and then eventually matched their attitude by falling into the same negative behavior? When we allow other’s perspectives on things to infiltrate our thoughts, like complaining about their job, the weather, the traffic, etc., we may feel drained, depressed and even out of control.

If we take a different perspective than our current one, if it is or has been negative, we can begin to shift things in our favor. The first thing would be to turn off and tune out the negative messages on the television or online. The traditional news outlets engage people through fear and shock value and offer very little positive information. Next, we must stop allowing other people’s perspectives to influence our own. Most people have no idea what is good for themselves, yet they are quick to tell you what will, or will not, work in your life. Some are very quick to offer their sub-par and usually unsolicited advice. We know the saying about opinions so I will leave it there.

Once we realize that we are in control of our life and take the perspective of being in control, we will begin to feed ourselves more positive messages which will translate into our daily lives. If we take the perspective that life is easy, then the world around us will coincide with our perspective. We will then begin to create the life we want just because we have shifted our perspective. It will take time and repetition before you get it right, so do not give up at the first sign of failure. Stay motivated and consistent in your thinking and find a change in perspective when a situation seems negative.

Chad Armijo lives in Edwards and is the founder of ​​ and creator of the Mind Muscle Mastery program. He holds two masters degrees from Colorado State University in Business Management and Adult Teaching. In addition, he is a Master Certified NLP Life/Business Success Coach and Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist as well as a Pilates instructor. Find him on Facebook (@lifecoachingvail) or Instagram (@carmijo12).

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