Armijo: Achieving true freedom |

Armijo: Achieving true freedom

As we complete another Independence Day, I often question if we are truly free in this world. We definitely have more opportunities available to us in our American society, but are we free? We are supposed to be the most intelligent species on this planet yet we are charged for food, shelter, and basic necessities. There will be those who argue that it is how a functioning society should work. However, we know many past societies had very different economies.

There is no right or wrong way to live, but there are definitely better ways to live our own lives. There are ways to be truly free in this life that do not require drastic measures to reach. Freedom begins within our own selves.

Freedom begins by breaking through our current programming. We must understand that we have been programmed from birth to believe ideas that have shaped our current lives. The programming we have received has shaped our thoughts about race, money, government, relationships, etc. Outside programming has affected every aspect of our current lives. This programming has come from our guardians, teachers, coaches, mainstream media, movies, music and anything we see or interact with on a consistent basis.

When we realize that we have been controlled by outside programming since birth, we can begin to take control back. It begins by understanding all things in our life are present because we have allowed them to be. Whether we live abundant lives or live in poverty, it is a product of our programming. Most of us have just taken whatever comes to us and reacted to it.

When we take control back we become proactive to all the messaging in the world and can decide to consciously accept it or reject it. For example, if you believe that our society should take care of all humans in need but see messages in the media that attempt to belittle them as lazy or second tier members of society, you can choose to accept the messaging or reject it. Most people will just get angry at the messaging because it does not align with their values, but this response is just wasted energy

Almost every religion tells us that we are the creators of our own universe, yet many people just take this as “lip service” and will never put it into practice. Quantum physics has added a layer of scientific evidence to back up the idea of us (humans) being creators in this world. Quantum physics has proven that our thoughts are constantly creating the world around us. In fact, without thought the universe would cease to exist.

We can find freedom within ourselves when we realize our potential. We can choose to tune out the noise of the mainstream media and create thoughts that better serve our purpose. Freedom is our ability to take full control of our own lives, to think as we want to think and not as we are told to think, and to pursue our passions without worrying about the standards society has set forth.

Our freedoms in this country are available because of the sacrifices of previous generations. We should honor them by creating a better world for our future generations. Each of us must begin within to make the changes we wish to see. If we are tired of seeing negativity highlighted on the nightly news, turn it off. There are a few dozen small websites dedicated to only positive news stories. If we are not passionate about our career and are tired of living in misery, then change it to something you are passionate about. Yes, it is that easy.

How many more years are you going to live in worry and fear because you believe everything the mainstream media feeds you? How much longer are you going to work at a place that is not fulfilling? How long are you going to stay in a relationship that is not satisfying? Now is the time for change.

You have the freedom to decide to live your best life or to live one that has been designed by others. True freedom is available to all. It lies within us and we are the only ones who can access it. We must be grateful we live in a society that affords us so many opportunities and honor it by living our fullest lives.

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