Armijo: Are we living in ‘The Matrix’? |

Armijo: Are we living in ‘The Matrix’?

For those who are unfamiliar, the film ​”The Matrix​” made its debut in 1999. As a 19-year-old teen excited to see the next big-budget action movie of the summer, I was not looking to be changed by a film. The Matrix is a science fiction film starring Keanu Reeves as a hacker and corporate shlub who feels as though he is stuck on the hamster wheel of life. The main character is then contacted by a secret group who “wakes up” certain individuals to the fact that reality is actually a simulation we are all living in.

I was 19 and dreading the prospect of following society’s path from school, to college, to a career, marriage, and death. It just seemed so prefabricated and soulless to me, so I could entirely relate to the main character. I had always felt out of place in this world and knew there was more I was destined for than to sit behind a desk for a quarter of my life until I was old enough to stop working and retire. The idea that we are living in a simulation was much more stimulating to me.

This idea that we are living in a simulation has been considered by many researchers over the years. Quantum physics states “without thought, our universe would cease to exist” which is a nod to the idea that we are actually creating the reality around us. This will seem very far fetched for a lot of people, yet many of these same people have no trouble believing in a supreme being who created us and everything around us.

As recently as 2015, physics professor Jim (James) Gates discovered binary code while researching superstring theory. Let me just clarify by saying binary code is a set of 1s and 0s which are used in computer programming and superstring theory “is an attempt to explain all the particles and fundamental forces of nature in one theory of tiny vibrations of superstrings (minute particles of matter)”

The simplest way to state this is that computer programming language has been discovered in the smallest particles of our universe. This means that, yes, it is very likely we are living in a type of simulation. Isn’t that incredible?

So what does this all mean for those of us who are not studying physics or are not scientific researchers? It means we have the opportunity to completely change the programming to something we most want in our lives. If you want to have more free time, money, or vacations, you can do so. It means that which we see with our physical eyes is not actually the truth but only a perception of what we believe to be true and it is up to us to decide to either accept it or reject it.

What about the negative things we are receiving from the media? Isn’t this all truth? Well, it is only if we decide to accept it as truth. We have all heard stories of people being diagnosed with terminal illnesses in which they were given only a short time to live but somehow tested free and clear of all illness only a short while later. How can this be? The simple answer is because these people refused to accept the reality their health practitioner tried to give them. Many people try to “fight” against cancer, AIDS, MS, etc. but this is wrong. There is a very famous quote by Carl Jung that states, “what we resist not only persists but grows in size.”

This means when we try and “fight” these illnesses and ailments, we unintentionally give them more power over us. Think of someone who wronged you in the past that you may have never gotten over. This person is like cancer in your mind and every time you think of them, you feel overwhelming emotions of anger and frustration which is effectively giving that person more power over you.

What is the correct way to change something you are not satisfied with your life? It is to focus on the opposite. Everything in this universe is based upon polarity (i.e. up and down, hot and cold, north and south, positive and negative, etc.). We must focus on the opposite of the things we do not want in this life to create change. If you want to overcome an illness, then you must focus on health and healing. If you want to get out of debt then focus on an abundance of money and not debt (otherwise you will create more debt). If you want to get over a bad relationship then focus on a positive, loving relationship.

When we begin to understand the power we have in this universe comes from within and not from without, miracles become commonplace. There are so many people looking at today’s current situation and panicking due to a loss of income, loss of business, loss of freedoms, and so on and wondering when the outside world will begin to help them. Unfortunately, there will not be anyone coming to help out. We have more power than we’ve ever given ourselves credit … to change this situation to something beneficial for all.

It is time for you to decide how you want to live your life. We can literally change the program to a life we desire which allows us a happier more enjoyable state of being. Do you want to live in fear, panic, and anxiety or do you want to live a life of beauty, abundance, and love? It is your choice and only your choice.

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